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Doris Lessenden
Doris Lessenden

Day to Day with Doris June 28, 2017

By Doris Lessenden

June 27, 2017

   The Eads Senior Citizens who came to the monthly lunch thoroughly enjoyed the beef brisket that Rod and Dana Brown donated to the group.  Darryl Stolzenberger smoked the brisket for Gail to serve.  She also made warm wheat rolls and baked cheese hash brown casserole.  Joyce Berry gave us an update on the future Senior Center across the street which is now two vacant gutted brick building.  She said that Cindy McCloud is working on some new grants.  Next month, Gail Voss, our director said she will fry the chickens and make gravy and Joyce Berry volunteered to make mashed potatoes.  I remember that in the past June Blooding often made those potatoes.  Bless her heart. Here are three important dates: Wednesday, July 5th is the Sage meal gathering to eat together at noon at the Center. It is important to call Areta Laird by Monday to make a RSVP to have a hot lunch delivered from Lamar on that day.  On Thursday July 6th the Brunch will be at l0:00 a.m.  The noon pot luck lunch will be Wednesday, July 19th.  People who are of senior citizen age are welcome to come to these events as well as to play cards at the Center on Thursday evenings.

     Rex Barlow who is a Chivington rancher married Lyndsey Seybold last Saturday. When we were at dinner at JJ’s Ranch House last Saturday evening, an elegantly dress young woman rushed in to ask directions to the American Legion Hall.  The young couple was having their wedding reception there.  Lindsey is a rehabilitation specialist at the Eads schools and has a business at the ranch where people of all ages can make appointments for therapy different sorts by riding and caring for horses. Congratulations to the young couple.

      Last Wednesday, Ellen Simmons of Eads died in her home surrounded  by her four children and spouses, Paul, Joyce, Russell, and Cheryl.  Her funeral services were scheduled for Monday, June 24th.  Ellen was 90 years old/young .  Even though she has been sick with lingering cancer for a long time but when it was a “good day” for her she always tried to attend her great grandchildren’s activities.   I remember her as being such a good singer in Cantata concerts and with her church choirs and being such a gracious bank employee.

      Larry Michael celebrated his 70th birthday at his daughter Jodi and husband, Darryl Stolzenberger’s home last week-end.  All his children, many family members and some friends spent time with Larry.  Larry operated the big truck stop for many years and now spends some of his retirement time working at the Consumer-Co-op shop and is a consultant on plumbing problems.

       The Haswell Senior Citizens had a picnic at the Haswell Park last Wednesday evening.  Some folk brought grandchildren who had fun in the play yard.  Wanda and Virgil brought their grill in from the ranch so she served burgers and hot dogs with the salads and desserts the other guests brought.

        It has been amazing to see how quickly the workers broke out the front windows and doors of the three buildings on Maine.  My friend, Jeanne Sorensen, who has a business on Maine Street said it was rather shocking to hear the sound of the breaking windows falling.  Betsy Barnett, President of the Crow-Luther group told me that the construction workers surely have liked the ice cream from the Maine Scoop and food from Charlie’s Kitchen.

        Kevin Davis said he thought work is nearly done inside of the future new business which is in the former Plains Network Computer Store on the corner of 13th and Maine.
His wife, Chelsea, is there every day working on projects.  Her mother-in-law, Cathy Davis helps her a lot too. 

          Wednesday, I saw Cathy Davis carrying sacks of food from Charlie’s Kitchen which is in the Plains Theatre across the street where they were working on remodeling the store.  I also saw several people walking from the clinic and offices to get their lunch. That is such a welcome sight.

       We are glad that Betty Crow is home after a siege of knee surgery , then hospitalization, and infection, back to the big hospital, and now this week she appears to be back to normal.

         I hear that there are many exciting baseball and softball games going on in our town and surrounding towns.  Some teams are playing in the All Star competitions.
Some boys and girls are playing on “traveling teams”.  It is rather surprising the distances parents drive their children to compete.    

      After June Blooding was in some city hospitals last week, her five daughters brought her home to Weisbrod for care here.  She is a little better and now is planning to watch her granddaughter, Shalyn Laird’s wedding by a streaming method.  I hope to be in the room with her too June 30th.  Technology can be wonderful.

        Remember to send your Alumni Reservation money of $30.00 in to Kim Crow Richard’s office by August 1st to assure that you will have an Alumni Photo book printed.
Send to Box 128.

       What good news this is:  In addition to student Clinic Physical Education exams the Weisbrod Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Department which is Dr. Tim Richardt and Joe Zinger will be working with students and their parents to identify old injuries, muscular imbalance, movement inefficiency, which may predispose an athlete to an injury.  These young men plan to work with the coaches also.  I think this is so wonderful.. Many youth in the past have had reoccurring injuries, so maybe this will help.  I do know that physical therapy is valuable and helpful to all ages of people.

     The little rain shower Thursday afternoon was a most welcome.  I think of it as a car wash from God.   And it was Free!

    I am so thankful to my friends and our local business who have been so kind to deliver items to my home, take my mail to the post office, and shop for me while I wait a long time for my power chair to get new motors and new wheels.  I am not used to being so housebound.

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