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Day to Day with Doris August 10, 2016

By Doris Lessenden

August 9, 2016
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  Philippians 4:6.
   Welcome to Kourtney Richards who has moved back to Eads from Idaho where she worked as a nurse in a large hospital.  Her two sons and daughter are looking forward to starting school in Eads.   They enjoy times with their grandmothers, Karen Krueger and great grandmother, Hazel Krueger. 
      Jodi Stolzenberger taught a three week Certified Nurse Aide class at Weisbrod Hospital and then hosted a Graduation.  Her students from several towns were: Amber Frank, Jami Kraft, Tara Schell, Cheyann Sewell, Jordan Sniff, Mariah Smith, Marc Solis, and Brandy Turcotte.  Now the students can take the state test to be an official CNA.   The students have the opportunity to work in Eads.
    Terry Riley announced his official retirement from being a Phyro-Technician at BanDimere Speed Way and other Denver sites where he has done work over 39 years.   Riley has also put on firework shows at some Eads Maine Street Bashes and football games.  Mr. Riley has been the manager of the Plains Theatre for several years.
     Kelly Lujan has retired after 39 years from his television graphic design job in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He is looking forward to spending more time with his wife, Jane, and two daughters and families, and his mother, Rose Lujan, who lives in a retirement community there.
     Brad and Dreama (Griswould) Buck hosted a three day Griswould Reunion at their farm northwest of Eads.  Over sixty relatives and friends who came for the gathering enjoyed many meals, the fire pit, and Floyd’s 80th Birthday Party with reminiscing and the pretty five cakes that his daughter, Rhonda, decorated for the five eras of Floyd’s occupations, military, and his hobbies.  Many of the relatives brought campers or stayed in the Cobble Stone Inn which is applauded by many people for being such a fine place to stay.
      We extend our sympathy to the family and friends of Bob Harris who has lived quietly in Eads for many years.
       Krista Bellveal brought her grandparents, Phil and Madonna Pollreis, home from Memorial Hospital where Phil had been a patient for several days.  Phil is better after having a close shave with death.
     Dustin Nelson, student at Eads High School, has been a dependable projectionist at the Plains Theatre when Terry Riley has to be gone from town.  He also works along with his father, Darwin Nelson, as a farmer and in his Dee-jay and Karaoke Businesses.
    Sharon Frazee, Eads Senior Citizen Director, prepared a delectable Brunch for many guests at the Center last Thursday.  We really liked her strawberry-cream cheese appetizer rolls and the Pumpkin French Toast served with an Egg-Bacon-Spinach casserole.
    Wednesdays and Fridays are special days for those citizens who order the Senior Meals on Wheels from Sage Services.  Areta Laird is the Director who takes the requests from the menu and they are delivered by wonderful volunteers: Valorie Briggs, Irene Harmon, Madonna Pollreis, and Realynn Riley, Dawna Weirich.  Thank you, Ladies.
    It is only a month until the Kiowa County Fair.   It is time to get your exhibits ready and time to save your money for all the fun activities out at the fair grounds and the Theatre.
     Alice Glover posted that she has 29 more radiation treatments to go.  She has a determined spirit!
     Travis Lessenden works in the oil exploration industry way east of Greeley, so sometimes he talks on his blue tooth to me as he drives home to their home above Loveland in the mountains.    His parents, Dwight and Bonnie, went to Taos, New Mexico last weekend to see their little granddaughter, Eve, perform in a stage production. 
     Again “Thank You” to the wonderful volunteer firemen and women in this county and also to the amazing caring EMT’s who assist the Ambulance Drivers.  Eunice Weber does a terrific job of teaching and recruiting.  Families really do appreciate these giving persons who study, who train, and who give of their time.
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