Doris Lessenden
Doris Lessenden

Day to Day with Doris September 20, 2017

By Doris Lessenden

September 20, 2017

“….always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” I Peter 3:15

The best, most happy, historic event I witnessed last week was the- in school Pep Rally Thursday. Our students haven’t had Pep Rallies for many years. Thank goodness for Mrs. Stephanie Bohlander who arranged the rally. It was a beautiful sight to see the whole student body from the cute little cheering Pre-Schoolers to the handsome and attractive high schoolers singing, clapping and at the end dancing the “chicken dance”. Memorable! Mrs. Bohlander is determined that the Middle Schoolers are going to know “Eagle Fight Song” and the “School Song”. This spirited woman can even still remember her clarinet and trumpet fingering of the Limon fight song!

Besides pretty groomed yards about town, some DOORS are getting new looks. I like how Milt Watts painted Jeanne Sorensen’s Kiowa Press door red and Deb Kliesen has a pretty new blue door. I have seen Mike Crain and Dominic Hernandez painting turquoise trims on the woodwork at the Museum and a chartreuse trim on the Court House doors.
Alumni of EHS wish to give a huge THANKS to Chris Sorensen and Jeanne Sorensen for publishing such a fine photo Alumni Book. Marty Miller spent hours organizing the name index and Betty Crow, Verna Ebright, and Kim Richards assisted in compiling pages too.

On Patriot’s Day, September 11th, some of the VFW (Veteran’s of Foreign Wars) Auxiliary and Veterans from Kit Carson and Eads, made and educational Flag presentation to the Kindergarten through eighth grade. Those of us who assisted were Richard Glover, Johnnie Jacobs, Roger Evans, Don Shultz, Areta Laird, Gary Longwell, Shirley White, Luanna Naugle, Betsy Evans, and myself.
Afterwards I explored the halls and noticed that names of all the teachers from l963 to 2017 were posted on the classroom doors. This was research by the junior girls for the sake of the Alumni I had good memories reading and thinking about the fellow teachers I had been associated with from 1963 to 2002. Two junior boys, Gary Davis and Blake Stoker, took turns on the Banquet night to wear the Eagle Mascot costume to welcome the guests.

It was good to see Jimmy Bendorf’s three perky daughters, Terri, Trudy, and Linda, with pink feather boas circulating the crowds at the banquet and street dance which also was the best ever.
Damon Berry was back from Texas to drive one of his brother, Cardon Berry’s, six classic cars in the parade. Cardon’s son, Jimmy, and wife, Brenda Berry, and son-in-law, Mike McLoud, and friend, Wally Mosher, drove some of his beautiful cars from the 50’s also.

It was good to see Donnie Aldrich and some of his sisters, Joyce, Donna, Bobbie, and Beverly, around at various events as well as the Graham siblings, Linda, Kathy, and Scott. Near them most everywhere were the Hooker siblings, Becky and Howard Hooker.

Don Weiser shared with me that his first wife was the Denver roommate of my friend, Jenness Klieboeker who died last spring. I asked him the story. Jenness, Judy Troue, and Emily Oswald all of Kit Carson and his future wife were cruising in Eads in the 60’s and met Don who became their friend. Small World.  I also learned that the l937 two door black coupe that Bill Woelk and his son, Billy, drove in the parade was formerly owned by Hank Troue. Hank was a neighbor of my mother, Ida Pollreis Lessenden.

Jake and Barb Diel were so happy to have their children, Stan and Ginger, home with their spouses. Their parents have had some health problems lately so their children surely did bless them.
Walt Immer was glad to be reunited with his brother, Jeff and Glenda Immer of Kansas. I counted 23 Weirich graduates in the Alumni index and we did see a lot of those good people around the Fair. Remember the Barbara (Wayne) Weirich family celebrated running their ranch and farm 100 years, about two years ago when they were celebrated as a Century Farm at the State Fair.
Many (Weirich) Adamson brought her EHS Yearbooks to the Hometown Gas and Grill for others to enjoy. Her son, Austin, came to pick up her many sewing , handiwork and gardening projects from the Exhibit Hall because she was so busy managing the Co-op enterprise. Someone asked, how does she have time to do all this work? “The answer, I think is “It is her therapy and pleasure.”
What a good photo Priscilla Waggoner took of the Wissel sisters: Madonna, Phyllis, and Lois. The man peeking for their shoulders was their step sister, Viola’s, husband, Don.
Tearle Lessenden and Areta Laird, Fair Board members told me that Fair board member, Barb Scranton, and her husband, Jeff, spent most of the Fair “managing” the kids scare and activity barn which they constructed with the help of others. It was so successful in the “old livestock barn” that they may fix it for a “haunted house” later.

Fair Board member, Raelynn Riley, who raises miniature donkeys (burros), Rosie and Posie, led them in the Parade. They wore gold blanket-banners embroidered with the logos of Home Town Gas and Grill and Kiowa County Fair Board.

David Harrison’s burial was Monday the 11th. His sisters, Betty and Nina, were here for the week as well as his wife, Diann, and other family and friends for this good man.

We who get Meals on Wheels from the Sage Services do appreciate the volunteers who come to our home. At least two times a week someone can check to see if a person is well and alive inside their homes. Thank you, to Madonna Pollreis for searching for me Wednesday. Eads seniors are most welcome to the noon monthly lunch this week, the 20th.

Some Weisbrod Auxiliary ladies are going to play games or cards on the second Tuesday evening with residents. I hadn’t played dominos since Ruth Koch taught me.

Doug Rouse was our teacher last week.

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