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Day to Day with Doris August 3, 2016

By Doris Lessenden

August 3, 2016
I Chronicles 7:4  “If My people, which is called by My name, humble themselves, and pray, and see My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.”
     Charlene Blakely, long time Librarian at the County Library was hosted with a “going away” reception at the Library one afternoon before she moved.  Charlene is moving to the Denver area to be near her granddaughters and their parents.  She will surely be missed about town, at her church and other activities.
      The best phone call I had Wednesday was from Kelly Lujan who told me that he was retiring from his design job in Albuquerque, NM.  He will have more time to share with his wife, Jane, his five grandchildren, and mother, Rose.  He is a Happy Man!
      When I rolled out of the hospital from having an adjustment from Dr. Oquist, I saw such a caring sight of a cluster of nurses and staff around a man with a Dalmatian dog.
Then Gloria Trosper and Megan Buck slowly drove his tan truck and slick trailer to the ramp for him to walk slowly to his truck to drive on to Maryland.  Earlier, he had become very sick at one of our motels, was taken by ambulance to Weisbrod, then a city hospital for several days.  Stephanie Buck had been taking care of his dog.  He was well cared for by our medical staff.   One could see that those nurses surely liked that man.
      Jodi Stolzenberger has been teaching a three week Certified Nurse Aide Class at Weisbrod.  Tuesday, she hosted a graduation for her nine students who were:  Amber Frank, Jami Kraft, Tara Schell, Cheyann Sewell, Jordan Sniff, Mariah Smith, Marc Solis, and Brandy Turcotte.  Now they can take the State Certification test.
      Robin Musgrave was so excited to tell me the news, “But you can’t write it in the paper!”  But now it is official and we are so happy for Dorie Musgrave for she did indeed win that $10,000.00 at the Tri-County Ford Motor Company in Lamar.
      Terry Riley announced his official retirement from being a Pyro-Technician at BanDimere Speed way in Denver where he occasionally goes to do his craft.  Through his years in Eads, he has also shared some of those fantastic fireworks at the Maine Street Bash and Football games.
      Dustin Nelson, student at Eads High, has been a dependable projectionist at the Plains Theatre when Terry needs to be gone.  He also works along with his father, Darwin on his Dee-jay and Karaoke jobs.
      There is an early deadline this week, so I will write about the Maine Street Bash next week.   After weeks of talking with various men, a very nice and willing young man, Josh Galloway, agreed to organize the Horseshoe Tournament.
    Last Sunday Priscilla Waggoner was a “Good Samaritan” and brought 17 year old Noa Sadeh to my home for a place to stay overnight out of the storm.  Noa was riding her bicycle across the country from Eugene,Oregon to her home in New Hampshire.  We went to the Cobblestone for supper, which was very nice.  When I asked for the bill, the pretty waitress, Trice Watts’ friend, said that the bill was paid for.  To my astonishment and thankfulness, it was paid for by Jennifer Rittgers Schofield who owns the J J’s Ranch House with whom we had been visiting.  Noa stayed over another day and enjoyed our Library, having breakfast outside on the sidewalk and having Charlie Vasquez serve us.   Noa is a citizen of both America and Israel.
      Another food service that people can enjoy is Sage Service Meals by calling Areta Laird if you are a senior citizen.  Meals are delivered on Wednesdays and Fridays by one of these ladies: Valorie Briggs, Irene Hammer, Dawna Howard, Madonna Pollreis, or Raelynn Riley.  They can come frozen or very hot.  Sometimes the serving can be divided to eat for suppertime.  There are a variety of choices of nutritious meals that one can gladly pay $3.00 or more, if you can, for a meal.  On the first Wednesday of the month, many people go to the Senior Center to eat their meal together.  PLUS, at 10am on the first Thursday of the month, we love to have Brunch at the Center, all prepared by Sharon Frazee.
      Jeannie Dawson Whitmire loves to restore and redecorate homes.  She and her son, Will Rybacki, are making major improvements and changes in the former Hockett and Durrett homes.  The Durrett girls will be amazed when they come for the County Fair.
      Two fine men died in our community this week; Steve Young, our former “telephone man”, and Dale Adamson.  We extend our sympathy to their families.
      The Ambulance Drivers have been more than busy in the county this week.  Ambulance Director, Eunice Weber brought a list to me of Ambulance Drivers. It looks as if we have ten drivers in the county and 15 EMTs.  That is awesome and reassuring!   We want to heartily thank all of them for their time:
       There has been a lot of interest to hear and see the photos of the black bear that was in the front yard of Bill and Linda Trosper’s home west of Eads and then later when Artie Lane took video of a bear loping through a wheat field four miles west of Eads.  How interesting.  The last bear I heard of in Kiowa county was over north of Arlington near Adobe Creek a year or two ago.
     Recently, I saw fresh flowers in the INDY (Independent Newspaper) office.  Carrie Brown had brought them to say “thank you” for your good paper.  If those three dear ladies, Betsy Barnett, Priscilla Waggoner, and Kayla Murdock, had flowers for every time I have heard compliments about their work, they would be smothered with tons of fresh flowers!
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