Day to Day with Doris October 25, 2017

By Doris Lessenden

October 25, 2017

“The Lord is faithful. He will strengthen and protect you, and keep you from evil”. 2 Thessalonians 3:3

Homecoming Week was super at Eads High School according to photos posted of students on different dress days. One of the neatest times was that there are four girls and four boys in the senior class. Trevor Randel was crowned Homecoming King and Mariah Smith was crowned Homecoming Queen. Mariah is the daughter of Glenn and Tracy Smith, and Trevor is the son of David and Janelle Crow. The Princesses were: Madison Kelley, Brenna Rouse, and Mindy Uhland. The senior Princes were: Zach Hasse, Damian Hernandez, and Trey McDowell. Junior attendants were Hadlie Rittgers and Blake Stoker, Sophomore attendants were Mollie Kelley and Keaton Coen and Freshmen attendants were Lauren Brown and Joe Hasse. The young crown bearers were Aspen Nelson and Gaige Arnold.

At the Pep Rally, it was rather startling to hear a police siren and then see flashing blue and red lights pull up to the football field emergency gate. The police vehicle was followed by a long white school bus trimmed in orange and black. Principal Betsy Barnett announced that this was the Lamar Softball Team who was on their way to Denver to the Colorado State Softball Tournament. As the team of girls clad in orange tee-shirts and jeans got out, the Eads students quickly made an arch with their arms for the team to pass through. They lined up and Mrs. Barnett in her gracious manner introduced each girl and told their position on the team. They were there to pick up two Eads girls who are key members of their team: Kaylee Wilson and Miranda Mitchek. Ms. Betsy pointed out a Savage Girl who had roots in Eads, Reagan Gibbs, granddaughter of Marlynn Eikenberg of Haswell, and daughter of Haley Reedy of Lamar. After the Eads students huddled with the Lamar Savage team, they departed for the trip to Denver. The rest of the rally was entertaining to watch the skits and cheering by the students. The parents were recognized with their son or daughter who gave them a flower. It was heartwarming to see that Ben Splitter and Lydia Splitter, who are students from Plainview, were also a part of the class groups and greeted with their parents, David and Denill, during the Parent Recognition ceremony. Another remarkable happening was that on Stone Age Day, all four senior boys wore huge dinosaur costumes with tall necks. One of the boys, Damian Hernandez, was a dinosaur in the senior skit. The children were spellbound and wanted to touch him. Finally, Principal Barnett had to ask them to turn away so the skit could begin. Homecoming judges were: Alicia James, Kim Richards, and Debbie Gooden. The Junior Class won the coveted “Class with Class” Banner.

The Eads Fire Department was on hand for the bon fire and lighting of the “Blazing E”. Thank you, Firemen for serving for this event.

Alice Glover, LaVerle Kelley from Eads, Wanda Lessenden for Haswell, and Barbara Wilson from Sheridan Lake-Towner drove to Springfield last Tuesday to learn the latest news for senior citizens in their area. We thank and commend these women who travel every month to some town in the six county district for the sake of senior citizens.

People at the Eads United Methodist Church are happy to have a new minister, the Reverend Spencer Black who will serve them. He will be at Cheyenne Wells at 9:00 a.m., Eads at 11:00 a.m. and Haswell at 5:00 p.m.

There are two or three apartments available to rent at the Unity Village in Eads. Cynthia Ramsay said that they have new refrigerators and stoves and will get new windows in November.

Our prayers are with Sharon Frazee who is in the hospital again. Sharon has been suffering from a battle with cancer for over a year.

I met a lady at Weisbrod, whom I have read about in the Eads End News for years, Dorcas Berggren. She showed me some photos of her pretty daughter, Abby, who is a student in Tribune High school and played at the Kansas State Tennis Tournament.

I saw Mrs. Charlene Gifford shepherding her joyful third graders as they walked to the ECU to do a craft with their “Adopted Grandparent”.

I am sorry that I didn’t list Nathan Weirich as one of Jack Gardener’s grandchildren last week. How could I forget such a wonderful young man? I can even remember that he was in the l995 class. The day of Jack’s burial he and his family drove back to Beatrice, Nebraska, for his daughter’s Parent Night and then he had to drive to Kremmling, Colorado for his job!

There have been some wonderful photos of harvest time on Face book. One of the prettiest was by Sheriff Casey Sheridan of a red milo field with two heads of deer with big racks of antlers. Another photo by Dreama Buck shows a wonderful field of milo near the Johnny and Elsie Jacobs Homestead. The building reminded me of the good times when we had 4-H meetings at their home when Frank Jacobs was a teenage member. It was also the home of James, Johnny, and Juanita Jacobs.

The Alumni Committee met last week to evaluate the recent Reunion. The current plan is to close the Treasurer’s books in about three years so we can award scholarships. We will work with the new team for a Reunion in three years so that they will occur every five years



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