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Doris Lessenden
Doris Lessenden

Day to Day with Doris - February 28, 2018

By Doris Lessenden

February 28, 2018

 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”  Philippians 4: 13

Doris LessendenRuth Rose of Eads celebrated her 102nd birthday February 21.  The main thing that Ruth wanted to do was to play bingo, so Teri Castle-Simmons and Tonya Lane arranged Bingo Games for Ruth and her family members who came as well as the residents.  The staff served birthday cake and ice cream for all the guests.  Happy 102nd birthday to a dear pioneer lady.
One of the surprising events of last week was on the day of 100 days of school; all the elementary students had to stay outside till the bell rang at 8:00 a.m.  They were shocked and amazed to find their teachers all dressed as “little ole ladies” with walkers or canes, white hair and roomy clothes speaking in squeaky voices all day.  What a hoot to see the photos!
The climax of National FFA (Future Farmers of America) Week was the big supper and Hired Hand Auction in the gym.  It was a sumptuous meal with chicken strips, oysters, potato dishes, salads, and desserts prepared by the 32 FFA members and families.  They look really sharp in their navy blue, black and gold national uniforms as they stood to be bought to do at least 8 hours of work for the buyer.  Buyers paid between an average of $150.00 to $400.00 a student and the Advisor Ms. Lindsey Todd.  The officers were sold between the class groups.  The officers are: Morgyn Johnson, Reagan Johnson, Miranda Mitchek, Kaycee Ellenberger, Molly Stolzenberger, Mariah Smith, and Zach Haase.  Their motto is “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.”  The Chapter members and Ms Todd were very appreciative of Rob Morlan who donated his time as auctioneer and to Larry Lusher of the Auctioneer Company for their largest fundraiser.  There was also a silent auction of wonderful patio furniture of chairs, and tables painted in attractive colors, bottles of Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil, .varnished wooden large planters and metal burning barrel covers that the students had made.  Some were made by middle school students.  The last student who was “sold” was Trevor Randel;  Auctioneer Rob Morlan shook his hand and commended him on being the State Champion Wrestler in the 152 pound division.  That certainly brought a lot of well-deserved cheers.
The Eads FFA Chapter members and Advisor, Ms Todd, heartily thank Mr. Larry Lusher and Mr. Rob Morlan for donating their time for the chapter’s largest fund-raiser.
The Haswell Senior Citizens hosted the West End Road and Bridge Crew of Rick Spady, Mark Nelson, Shane Lessenden, Tim Wolfe and Jim Scranton and the Commissioners, Cindy McLoud and Richard Scott. Commissioner Donald Oswald was at a required monthly meeting.  Tina Adamson and Cora Grandy also came from the Commissioner’s Office to enjoy the chili and broccoli cheese soup made by Director Wanda Lessenden.  The other ladies brought side dishes and desserts to complement the noon meal.
Meanwhile, in Eads at noon lunch, the Senior Citizens were enjoying the baked potato bar with a variety of toppings and chili that Director Gail Voss had made.  The side dishes and dessert bar were a real hit, too.  The Seniors are looking forward to the March 21st meeting when Rod and Dana Brown will be providing the beef for corned beef, potatoes and cabbage.
Bonnie and Dwight Lessenden, who are up in the Northern Colorado Acute Hospital near Loveland, were pleased to have her niece, Linda Wroblewski of Arizona, spend several days visiting.  Linda travels all over the country and more recently to Scotland as part of her job with a company that has specialists like Linda who plot the trajectory of the distance a ball travels.  Primarily, her job is on golf courses.  Her mother, Linda Wroblewski of Lamar, returned with her to Arizona so she can be with her daughter, Cari, after she has more serious surgery to endure.
While I was spending most of the day in the Lamar Hospital with a friend who was having surgery, I met Nellie Mauch in the Gift Shop.  She told me that she was the aunt of our former police man, Mike (Erin) Schneider.  Since Mike now has a family of a little girl and boy, he lives and works at Sheridan Lake.  Mrs. Mauch is a charming and hospitable lady who volunteers in the gift shop and at the Welcome Center in downtown Lamar.  I noticed that the employees were exceptionally friendly and helpful.  Verna Ebright’s daughter, Karen (Mike) Brandt, is an executive there.  I was pleased to see Trice Watts, Shelley Englehardt, and Shelly Meyers of Eads who work in the offices.
Local Lutherans are happy to have a new pastor, the Reverend Thomas Barton who was installed last Sunday evening in the Kit Carson Lutheran Church where he will serve in the dual parish with Grace of Cheyenne Wells.
Alizabeth Hulteen’s Hebrew classes gained two new students last week.  We are learning some new words, songs, a dance and about history and traditions.  She brought four tasty spreads for two breads for us to share.  If you, Reader, are free, come at 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.to my home.  Shalom (a greeting of love and peace).
At the last home game, the eight seniors were recognized on the sports program with a colored photo and biography of their special interests and future plans.  Those outstanding seniors of EHS are:  Brenna Rouse, Mindi Uhland, Mariah Smith, and Madison Kelley, Zach Haase, Damian Hernandez, Trevor Randel, and Trey McDowell.

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