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Happy Trails with Dawni O'Bryan: The Hope of Spring

By Administrator

April 19, 2023

Hope is an amazing thing and is defined by Cambridge as a verb to want something to happen or to be true and having good reason to think that it might. I like it as a noun-I have hope. The Bible explains it this way. It is confident expectation that God will do what He said he will do. The hope of spring is evident when folks talk about cows calving, mares foaling, and the grass turning green.

We have a mare right now, her name is “Lipstick,” and she is as big as a house. She has bagged up and we are hoping with confident expectation that she is going to have an amazing foal. She moves around her pen with some discomfort, kind of like a woman who is in her ninth month of pregnancy. Let’s face it, it can be downright miserable. This is not her first baby. We have “Flash Gordon” and “High Heels” out of her and they are coming along nicely. Horses are a little different than cows in that they seem to be more private in their birthing process. I have yet to see a colt being born. I was visiting with a student at Lamar Community College in the Equine Business Management program and they had a mare they were watching closely. She, the student, was assigned “mare watch” that evening and left momentarily to get some supper. Guess what happened in that short time period. The mare foaled.

My hope is also that the heavens will open up and bring moisture to our thirsty land. Southeast Colorado and Western Kansas are showing up big on the drought monitor. But, we are a people of hope and will continue to pray for rain. I purposely added rain songs like CCR (Have You Ever Seen the Rain?) to my playlist.

As rodeo season begins to really ramp up, hope arises for a great season. Rodeo people have these hopes that go through their heads. I hope my horse works better that she did last year. I hope I have the finances to go down the road to competitions. I hope my horse stays healthy and performs at his or her peak. I hope my rig is without flat tires and breakdowns. I hope I get to see my rodeo friends and enjoy our time together. I hope the weather is good for the rodeo tonight. I am going to enter again and hope things go better. I hope I draw better next time. I hope I fall in the money next time. A person cannot do this sport without hope.

Most local rodeo associations took the weekend off for Easter. There was a huge barrel race held in Guthrie, OK April 7th-9th put on by Double B Productions called Barrel Ba$h. Leslie Morris of Springfield, Sarah Gunkel of Dodge City, but with Baca County roots, Dwana Salisbury of Lamar, and Debbie Pate of Lakin went to the event. Morris placed 6th in the 3D on Sunday with a time of 17.83 seconds and $286. Gunkel placed 7th in the 4D with a time of 18.427 seconds and then 14th in the 4D for $71.50.

May you never be without hope.

Happy Trails.

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