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Happy Trails with Dawni O'Bryan: Small-Town Generosity

By Dawni O'Bryan

February 9, 2024

I continue to be “wowed” by the small town generosity I have seen over and over. My husband and I were talking about the fact that this kind of munificence and support doesn’t happen in a large city where people rarely even know their neighbor. I am referring to the last two benefits for cancer patients that rose over $85,000 combined. I am talking about the friends and townsfolk that run to the aid of a family whose house burned down. I am also referring to the helping out of a neighbor that took a loss because of a storm. If you are not feeling the love of small-town folks, it may be because they simply don’t know your situation. Southeast Colorado and western Kansas have the best human beings around. I remember when some city-slicker friends were visiting this area they would keep asking me who was waving at me when we were driving to different places. I answered, “I don’t know who is waving at me. They’re just being friendly.” They were quite puzzled.

Raymond Dorenkamp gives Danielle Jones Wollert a hug at a recent benefit.

The Young Guns Extravaganza wrapped up its regular season of rodeos February 3rd and 4th in Dodge City. They will have their Finals at the same venue on February 17th and 18th. Rodeo kids from Lamar, Springfield, Wiley, Eads, CO, Kendall, and Lakin, KS travel to the Western State Bank Expo Arena for two rodeos over the weekend. Horses, parents, and kids are everywhere. There is a host of volunteers that help set up the arena, secretary the different divisions, handle the stock, and run the chute. It is truly a group effort of adults that want to provide young people the opportunity to continue to compete and get better in the “off season” of rodeo.

Stealy Lord of Lamar had a great weekend in the 6 and under division. She won the barrel race both days with a 16.6 seconds and 16.2 seconds. She was first in the pole bending 24.1 seconds, and 2nd in the pole bending 24.0. In the dummy roping, Lord was 1st and 2nd; and the goat untying had her 2nd and 1st. Fancy Seufer of Holly was 6th and 6th in the barrel race, 3rd and 3rd in the pole bending, 7th in the dummy roping, 7th and 4th in the goat untying. Scarlett Hines of Coolidge was 5th in the goat untying with 12.4 seconds. The 7-10 category had Garrett Hainer of Eads place 3rd in the boys’ barrel race 2nd in the steer breakaway with a time of 6.1 seconds. Rhody Bond of Wiley was in the team roping with his dad, Ryan, and won 2nd with a time of 13.2 seconds and was 5th in the steer breakaway. Branton Brown of Lamar placed 8th in the barrel race, 8th in the breakaway roping, and 3rd in the goat tying. The ropey cowgirl from Holly, Preslee Seufer, won the average in the breakaway again this weekend. She was 2nd and 3rd -4.2 and 5.1 seconds. In the goat tying, Seufer was 4th and 3rd. The 11- 14 division had the Weatherred siblings of Lakin placing all over the place. Reagan was 5th and 4th in the barrel race, 1st and 4th in the pole bending. Quinter was 3rd and 1st in the boys breakaway roping, 1st and 1st in the goat tying, 1st in the tie down roping, and 4th in the team roping. Hudson Crane of Springfield was 7th in the breakaway roping and 4th in the goat tying. Madison Crane was 13th in the barrel race, 6th and 4th in the goat tying, and jumped out and won the breakaway roping on Sunday with a 3.2 seconds. Slade Lord was 3rd in the boys’ breakaway, 5th in goat tying, and 7th in the team roping. Cole DeForest of Lamar was 5th in the steer breakaway and 2nd in the team roping. Jaytyn Hash of Kendall was 5th in the team roping and 2nd in the tie down roping.

The results of the last barrel racing jackpot held at Lamar Community College and sponsored by Southeast Colorado Can Chasers on February 1st are as follows: 1D-Dwana Salisbury 1st, Kamryn Patterson 2nd; 2D-Dawni O’Bryan 1st, Braya Ferris 2nd; 3D-Dwana Salisbury 1st, Crystal Parker 2nd; 4D Shali VanCampen 1st, Jaelin Parker 2nd. In the youth division Braya Ferris was 1st in 1D and Regan VanCampen was 1st in 2D.

Keep smiling and waving.

Happy trails.

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