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Happy Trails with Dawni O’Bryan: Big Sugar Daddy

By Administrator

February 23, 2024

He was born in February of 2005, a little stud colt out of mare “Jens Smoky Night (Sugar)” and the great cutting horse stallion “Big Swing” owned by Kyle and Amanda Spitz. He wasn’t very big, and Dr. Dwain even called him pathetic. Well, the bay with white socks and a blaze face was named “Big Sugar Daddy.” He was never called anything else. There was no BSD or Big or Daddy. He was called by his full name every time. Because of his unique name, his athletic ability, his demeanor in and out of the arena, everyone knew him. He never got very big but was the right size for a youngster to learn to rope on and he was perfect for heeling in team roping.

Now, teaching a kid to rope is one of the most challenging things a parent can take on. There is just so much involved in it. It is a huge component to have a horse that is patient, quiet in the roping box, will leave on your hand, stop when asked, doesn’t short the roper, knows how to rate, is cowy, and so on.

LCC/SECCC Winter Series champions left to right: Kamrynn Patterson, Dawni O'Bryan, Crystal Parker, Jaelin Parker

He was the perfect horse for my son, Braxton, to learn on and find success. Their personalities were very similar. Everyone else in the family would try to catch that horse in the pasture and couldn’t. Braxton would walk right up and put the halter on. He rode that horse for everything. He did junior rodeos and the La Junta Kids Rodeo and ran poles, ran barrels, goat tied, flag raced, roped calves, and roped steers. He was one special horse that gave you a fair shake every time. He was as honest as can be. He was named the Colorado Junior Rodeo Association Horse of the Year in 2017.

Well, Braxton grew up and needed a bigger, faster mount. He was raised and trained by Shannon and Braxton but was not being used as he should be. Braxton reminisced about competing with his favorite heeling horse and said, “This significant award was an honor and was the highlight of my gelding’s career.” The decision was made to sell him if the right cowboy or cowgirl came along.

Horse of the Year- Big Sugar Daddy with Preslee Seufer

Enter Preslee Seufer of Holly. The whole family came to Lamar to give him a try. They bought him in 2022 and have been going like gangbusters ever since. At first, Preslee barrel raced on him, ran poles, and goat tied. Preslee won the first round of the goat tying at the National Little Britches Finals in 2022. As Preslee has gotten older, her division now has breakaway roping. She was the Young Guns year-end breakaway champion with over double the points of the second-place roper. She was also the YG year-end goat tying champion and second in the race for the all-around cowgirl. Preslee nominated Big Sugar Daddy for Horse of the Year—and he won it. Here are her words. “It’s obvious that Big Sugar Daddy loves his job and taking care of me. He sets me up for the perfect shot every time. His calm demeanor in any event sets him apart. He is the definition of an outstanding athlete with the mindset of a champion. My dad heels on him for me and other kids. He has paid his dues and is very deserving of this honor.” This horse is loved and will hold a special place in the hearts of the O’Bryans and Seufers forever.

Another finals that took place was the last jackpot of the Lamar Community College and Southeast Colorado Can Chasers held on February 15th. After the jackpot, the finals’ champions were awarded trophy horse blankets. Winning the 1D was Kamrynn Patterson, winning the 2D was Dawni O’Bryan, winning the 3D was Crystal Parker, and winning the 4D was Jaelin Parker. Rider with the most overall points was Crystal Parker. Winning the youth was Shali VanCampen and the peewee winner was Stealy Lord.

Young Guns Breakaway champion Preslee Seufer.


Two feet move your body, four feet move your soul.

Happy Trails.

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