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In the Stack: Privacy: Yours to Guard

By Jeff C. Campbell

August 3, 2022

It’s one of your most precious rights, but you must guard your privacy rights guaranteed by the Constitution, but it is in your charge when dealing with businesses and the government. You have to be awake and aware of what you are doing saying, writing or signing.

Don’t Cry for me, Argentina

Just take a moment. Regardless of how devastating the death of a kid by overdose or due to fentanyl looking like some other legal or illegal controlled drug, why was the kid taking an illicit drug in the first place? Where were the parents teaching the kid discipline and responsibility in the first place. The kid was taking something potentially illegal to start with! The plague isn’t fentanyl or heroin, etc. it’s the complacency of parents and legislators. We’ve gotten lazy laying off responsibility to somebody else or the government. To teach rigor of discipline is tough and requires discipline by the parent. Too bad, you chose to have the kid, right? Kids just don’t happen! Maybe discipline is a requirement including forethought! You think?

Self-Pity, ~1929

By D. H. LAWRENCE (1885-1930)

I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

Miss America

She was a black beauty at 3:07 AM
arriving, as usual, four minutes late
like always

Black iron damp, at the train station
where she was supposed to be
in the rain station, meeting me
on the platform, with bag in hand
black, blue white misted lights
saying, see you later

She was beautiful as only beauty
in nature can be
Standing at the edge truly
of the great canyon holding
a rainbow, deep in its soul
Incomparable, tranquil in solitude
I watched her season
after season without makeup
without mindless chattering
A beauty to behold the winds
passing over like scents
of old days fresh, sweet
Her tawny skin changed cinnamons
to ochre, to golden each time
the sun moved. I enjoyed her
wild nakedness with no other
souls, but ours to mingle

She was brown and red
white and black angular
in form clearly grasping moments
Of her singular wisdom
her unerring discipline
to give me her best
if I gave her mine
if I walked and talked true,
she succored me and passed
age proven love I learned
She always sheltered me
and kept me from the storm
her firm hand guided mine

She was everything I needed
She was consistent
She was a train carrying me, home
She was beautiful
She was the great canyon of
the Coconino Plateau
She was without clamour
She was the school where I learned

She was freedom and learning
She was as exciting and devil-may-care
as you dreamed she could be

She was a chance you only had
dare to take
It was an honor to call her, she,
an honor that she was mother
and sister to us all
A mother with many children,
she shared as best she could
as wisely and diverse as her children
allowed her to be
She was a chance, you only
dared to take
I do miss America.
(© 05/02, ‘99, Edgewood, NM)

That’s one of my favorites I written for every time I’m homesick for America. Wherever you are in the stack, learn discipline before you decide to have a child. You know what I mean. Travel well.

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