By Raina Lucero

2021-09-18 23:34:37

Most of the last two years the world has been turned upside down as the global pandemic that we all have come to know as COVID-19 has given big city bureaucrats the presumed authority to rewrite the laws of the lands and restrict freedoms most of us never conceived could be disregarded. 

Turning on the news or opening your morning newspaper seems to have a bit of a dystopian theme these days.  We have seen riots in the streets of the metropolises of our nation that go on for days and weeks and in some places such as Portland, Oregon months at a time in the name of Black Lives Matter.

Americans are fighting each other at supermarkets for not giving 6 feet for social distancing or not wearing a mask.  And now, the fight over who and who is not vaccinated has begun.

In the State of Victoria, Australia, the residents are under Draconian Blockade Restrictions.  An example of these restrictions is the residents of Melbourne who have a curfew from 9PM to 5AM when no one is allowed to leave their homes, except to work, get food, or conveniently, to get a COVID vaccination. 

When the blockade ends which is anticipated by the end of September, a new blockade will go into effect for only the unvaccinated individuals.  Victorian Premier Dan Andrews says, “There will be a vaccinated economy, and you can participate in it if you are vaccinated. We will move to block people who are not vaccinated.”

Leana Wen, an American physician, Washington Post op-ed columnist and CNN medical analyst stated in a CNN interview on September 10, 2021, “There are privileges associated with being an American. If you wish to have these privileges, you need to get vaccinated. For instance, you need to get vaccinated in order to travel on a plane or in a train.  It’s not a constitutional right as far as I know to board a plane. Saying that, if you want to stay unvaccinated it is your choice but if you want to travel you better go get that vaccine.”

I would like to remind Dr. Wen, or anyone who thinks along the same censoring vein, of the 9th Amendment, which is used to stop the government from expanding its powers beyond what is listed in the United States Constitution. Travel is a presumed privilege handed to Americans as part of their Constitutional freedoms.  Wen’s statement is a direct contradiction to the laws that govern the United States.

Unfortunately, there are many more voices in the media and on Capitol Hill like Dr. Wen’s.  They are living in a district that is riddled with liberal politicians in charge and their particular party line in the name of health and safety has become our new normal.   

Citizens of the United States have taken opposition to mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, quarantine guidelines and vaccine mandates, yet a vast majority of Americans are not being heard.

How do the voices of those of us who are underrepresented stand up for ourselves and protect our inalienable rights granted to us by our Forefathers?

Several counties across America, have signed resolutions making their counties sanctuary counties against radical gun laws and other far reaching liberal laws.  However, more recently a trend has started that takes this thought one step further. Counties, mostly rural, have begun installing resolutions to make their counties Constitutional Counties or Constitutional Sanctuary Counties.

The counties who have done this such as York County in New York and many others across the United States.  As of today, Logan County, Oklahoma has designated their elected Sheriff to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all laws that infringe upon our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If we do not speak for ourselves who will speak for us?  Where will the unvaccinated end up in a month or even a year? 

If local municipalities will not take the stand against the big city politicians and their policies which restrict our freedom, will we too end up like those citizens of Australia?

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association has a vast amount of information on the topic. 

We are already seeing nurses and doctors being forced to choose between their freedom and their means of making a living to support their families. To what extend does the madness end?

Perhaps it is time to look at our local government and evoke our rights as Americans demanding that they protect our Constitutional freedoms.








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