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A Day in the Life August 3, 2016

By Michelle Wyckoff

August 3, 2016
Calves.  Described by Google as “baby cows”.  They could also be baby elephants, baby seals or baby whales.  I call them Bread and Butter.  The calves we have on this little corner of the “wide open spaces” provide us the opportunity to pay the bills.  And buy new shoes...and Starbucks.  Dustin takes great pains in caring for them.  Each one of them.  Every day. Them and their mothers.
Two of those mothers recently took a dislike to their new offspring and abandoned them.  I suspect they teamed up and went looking for the father.  I seem to remember contemplating abandoning my own young once or twice...once when one of them tumbled into a tub of bath water wearing a navy blue velveteen sailor suit before a family portrait before they could walk.   Another time, one of them at age 6, broke the 82 year old piece of etched glass from the original ranch house, out of my kitchen door.  
Back to Bread and Butter.  The two motherless calves.  They’ve been relegated to a pen down at the barn.  They’ve been down there for a couple of months now.  Oooooh!  When I first saw them I thought they were so cute!  That was when it was Austin’s job to bottle feed them.  They were still cute when Austin left and the job fell to Braeden.  When Braedey left and the job fell to me, it turned ugly.  I came out of the pen twice a day with my clothes, feet and flip flops covered in sticky milk.  When I asked Dustin where the gun that was standing in the corner went, he banned me from the calf pen.  I was just getting into it! 
Dennis once told me not to name something I might have to eat. Ppfffttt!   I can’t wait until they grow big enough to turn into nice, thick Rib Eyes….. with a side of bread and butter!
May you be living the good life Jimmy Bendorf!

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