East End Events October 4, 2017

By Sharon Scott

2017-10-04 19:38:29

Before I start my article, I wanted to tell everyone that we are
having a 80th birthday celebration for Dick Scott on Oct.14,2017 from
2-5 p.m. at the TOWNER COMMUNITY HALL. The ad last week said at the
American Legion Hall in Eads, but that has been changed to Towner.
Please pass the word around to friends about the change in venue.
Casual attire and no gifts please.

Summer is over and Fall is here and it's time for me to get back to
writing a little news for you folks. It was a great summer with all the
good moisture we received, the great wheat crop and all the fall crops
looking good.

We had a very busy summer. We had a roof put over our back patio
and have really been enjoying that. Before we put the new roof up, Kyle
and I tore out all the cement floor and had it replaced with new. That
was quite a project. Then we turned the addition to the garage, which
was a dog house when we were raising Golden Retrievers, into a shed to
store the lawn mowers and misc. items in. In between times, we got in
baby chickens, then some baby guineas and have lots of new kittens. If
you need a cat, please call. Our young pullets are now producing
around 2 dozen eggs a day, so if you ever want any farm fresh eggs, let
me know.

My sister, Jerene and I took a small vacation to Missouri to visit
Debbie (Anderson) Meltabarger and family for a couple days in June.
From there, we went to Vinita, OK to attend the Huddleston family
reunion. On our way home from the reunion, we stopped and visited with
Clint and Wilma Evans, who lived in Towner many years before moving to

Dick has recovered from his knee replacement surgery very nicely.
He actually can walk without limping now. We took in a couple of days
of the State Fair, where Dick helped judge the crops show. Then, it was
time for school to start and the Kiowa County Fair came shortly after that.

Plainview School year is off and running. We welcome our new
Superintendent and several new teachers and all of our returning
teachers and staff. We have Jr. High and High School volleyball
teams. We have one boy and one girl playing football and volleyball
with the Eads Eagles. We will have basketball teams later in the year.
The Plainview Seniors hosted the School Carnival last Saturday evening.
Everyone had a good time even though the outdoor activities were called
to a halt because of the lightning and rain. The new ball field lights
and scoreboard are up and running, after being destroyed in the
tornado/hail storm last summer. Also, all the roofs have been repaired
on the buildings. We are small in numbers this year, but hope everyone
will continue to come out and support our students in all that they do.

Our communities extend their condolences to the families of Lyle
Specht and Leland Barnes, who passed away a couple weeks ago.

Dennill Splitter and her daughter Ella went back East this past
weekend to attend volleyball games, weddings and visit family.

Jerry Weber has been in Denver in the hospital for the past few
weeks. He hopes to return home soon. Best wishes on your recovery Jerry.

Lori Shalberg underwent surgery recently and is now home. We hope
you continue to improve Lori.

Bernice Tuttle is in the hospital in Tribune. We hope you're
feeling better soon Bernice.

Larry Tuttle underwent surgery several weeks ago. He is home and
doing better.

Cora Coffman is getting settled into her new home in Cheyenne
Wells. We wish you all the best even though we miss having you here.
Cora and I went to Burlington last week to have some work done on my
pickup. Afterwards, we met Jan Carney for lunch.

The Birthday Calendars are in and you can get one by calling Judy
Tuttle or myself. They are $3.

How about those Rockies! I was afraid they were going to lose
their wild card status, but managed to hang on. Good Luck in the
playoffs that start next week. Now we have the Bronco games to watch
for the winter. Our son Tom, who is an avid Bronco fan is glad that
football season finally got here.

Will catch you up on more recent news next week. Have a good one!!

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