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Long Time Gone Presents: The Power of Flowers

The annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA is one of the most iconic and long-running traditions our country looks forward to each year. Who hasn’t awoken on New Year’s Day, maybe after a night of celebrating a little too much, and turned on the TV to watch the Rose Parade? There’s just something impressive about the thought of thousands of flowers woven together in an intricate and large design that illustrates the amazing imaginations of the people who dream up these multi-colored and multi-dimensional floats.

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Long Time Gone "Ten Lords A-Leaping?" Where Did They all Come From? And What Does That Even Mean?


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Long Time Gone and...Shhh - Did You Hear That???

Long Time Gone and Shhh - did you hear that???

There’s something about old buildings that make them distinctly different from those recently built. Of course, there are the obvious reasons; architecture and style, the type and age of the materials, even the sounds the building makes can certainly provide the reason for what makes old so different from new.

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Kiowa Healthmart Presents: Long Time Gone and a Hero's Letter Home

Seven members of the crew who died are pictured in front of a B24J Liberator; back row left to right, S/Sgt Lawrence J Richter, pilot, 1st Lt Michael H Primus, William A King(not in crash), navigator 2nd Lt Richard J Hermann, Alvin S Tilley(not in crash),S/Sgt Harry Stoever. Front row; l to r Henry S Thrasher (not in crash)T/Sgt Roy E Griswould, T/Sgt Claude Keele, S/Sgt Americo Virgilli

This is the story of a boy who became a cowboy. A cowboy who became a soldier. A soldier who became a man. A man who became a hero. A hero who sacrificed his life for others and, along with eleven other crew members on the B17 he flew, is still immortalized to this day by a small village on the other side of the Atlantic.

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Long Time Gone and the Legacy of Ruthanna Jacobs

Ruthanna Jacobs Eads Colorado

There are scores of people who are infinitely more qualified than I am to write an article about Ruthanna Jacobs. I never had the opportunity to meet her or to to hear the way she spoke or to see how she greeted people on the street or any of those singular moments that, when assembled together, paint a portrait of a person in the mind of another.

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