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Mrs. Bean's Bookshelf - The Inside Ring

At the suggestion of the Pueblo Chieftain, I tried a book by an author previously unknown to me.   Mike Larson, a Pueblo native, retired from a nuclear engineering job with the U.S. Navy.

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Long Time Gone - The Old Wells

Most people who grew up watching Westerns were swept away by the romance on the big screen. It’s a natural enough reaction.  Spend enough hours in a dark theater munching (preferably buttered) popcorn with the likes of Eastwood or McQueen (not to mention the Duke, Coop, Fonda or Stewart) staring down from the big screen, and you’ll gladly join the ranks of those who swear that, in the old days on the frontier, good guys were always clean with nice boots and really smart, loyal horses while the bad guys all wore dirty clothes and had bad teeth. 

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Mrs. Bean's Bookshelf - I Almost Forgot About You

A newly published book I read recently was I Almost Forgot About You by Terry McMillan.  She has written several books including the two book series, Waiting to Exhale and Getting to Happy.  In addition, A Day Late and a Dollar Short and How Stella Got her Groove Back are two more of her better known works. 

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It is hard to find people who are truly happy. They may seem happy with that fake smile creased onto their face; or their not-so-convincing-positive words coming out their mouths.

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Uhland Kids

Because kids don’t remember their best day of watching TV or playing video games…. Growing strong on the farm are the children of Dustin and Kristina Uhland of Eads.