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Learning From Those Who Passed By

“What we call the beginning is often the end
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from.” -T.S.Eliot

     For a baby still inside its mother, the end of pregnancy is the beginning of life in this outside world of air and dust, water, birds, and prairie. To see and feel the Sun’s Light for the first time. This is where a new story begins.
The old year has passed, and a new year begun. We regard this passage as a transition, and so we should. The Sun makes its way higher in the sky each day giving us much-anticipated Light. (Who likes so much dark in winter? Not I.) We look forward to wheat sprouts and other greenery in the now-brown fields.

     Among the passings, here in the community of Kiowa County Hospital District from last year to this, is that of Dr. Jeffrey Waggoner. I still expect to see him ambling down the hall – hat on head – and ready for another expert consult about a patient situation, but that is not to be. No more explorations of the eclectic range of his intellectual interest and knowledge. We are left with his picture on a tapestry hanging from the waiting room wall in the Eads Clinic. We are left with the fruit of his work and with the memories.

     Jeffrey Waggoner was a great physician, a friend to many, and a man of the prairie. He loved the stories he heard of the lives of the people he served and also the interactions he shared with them. The pictures still hanging in his office: a distant flock of huge wheat harvesters moving across a vast field like barn swallows picking flying insects out of the air, a deep ravine cutting across prairie, “Doc” as a young physician comforting a bandaged child on the Ship Hope anchored off the Colombian coast, an old physician (Dr. Ernest Ceriani) still in scrubs pausing after a challenging day. Half of the lawn in front of his Kerr Street home was planted in prairie wildflowers and grasses like those on the prairie south of Eads where he wanted to live in a new-built home. That piece of prairie still stands empty and quiet.

     Our dear Mary Eikner ended her formal nursing career at year’s end and began a new life of travel and freedom to pursue what new she wants in her life. The same for Bonnie Lessenden who worked for years as a laboratory technician at Weisbrod Memorial Hospital. Their familiar presence we can still enjoy, however. The patience and dedication of those we worked with informs our future efforts. It is something we learn from and carry forward.

     This column may have the opportunity to address more topics that have to do with the health and well-being in our lives on the High Plains. At this point, it seemed like a good time to acknowledge these transitions and what we can take from them. Go with God.

Dr. Lenderts is a practicing physician with the Kiowa County Hospital District in Eads, Colorado.

Eads Knowledge Bowl

     Both the Eads High School and Eads Middle School knowledge bowl
teams have had successful seasons so far during the 2015-16 school year.
The high school team started the year with six fall competitions. The varsity
team members have been Rustin Jensen, Fredrick Turner, Cameron Crow,
Trey McDowell and Zach Haase. The team placed at several of the fall meets
and won two of the events. The wins came at Plainview and Vilas, and the
team took second place at Cheraw and third at Holly.

     The B team finished second in the B division at Cheraw, Lamar Community
College, and Holly and placed fourth at Plainview. Team members at
the events were Savanna Gyurman, Cody Back, Madison Kelley, Cameryn
Martin, Blake Stoker and Emily Gyurman.
     The Eads Invitational was the second competition of the spring semester
and was the largest meet in the region, with 42 teams from 21 schools participating.
The Eads varsity consisted of Jensen, Turner, Crow, and McDowell.

     The team had a dismal written round score, but came roaring back during the
four oral rounds to move into a tie for fourth place.
     The middle school team participated in four tournaments so far. The
eighth grade team of Hallie Morlan and Kaycee Ellenberger was helped out
by seventh grader Bradley Musgrave. The team competed well, but did not
place in the top three at any of the meets.

     The seventh grade team has had an outstanding season so far and has won
all four of the competitions. Team members are Joe Haase, Hatch Nelson,
Amber Kopasz, and Mollie Kelley.

     The high school team has two more regular-season competitions prior to
the state-qualifying regional meet, and the middle school team will be traveling
to Campo in February and will possibly have two more meets in March.
Regionals is February 10th at LCC.

Three Fat Cows

This photo won 1st Place in the People category of the 2015 Colorado Department of Agricul-ture Photo Contest. It was submitted by Henry Miles, brother of Katie Miles Philpy, and was taken on the ranch south of Eads near the Nee Gronde Reservoir. Katie’s husband John Philpy is the rancher in photo and has ranched in the area for many years.

Mrs. Bean's Bookshelf

The Kiowa County Independent is thrilled to have Judy Bean write a book column called Mrs. Bean’s Bookshelf.  Judy was kind enough to give us her biography so we could introduce her in the best way possible. Look for her first review in the August 3, 2016 edition of the INDY.

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