Day-to-Day with Doris

| Doris Lessenden | Day-to-Day With Doris
The Colorado State Fair began in Pueblo on Friday, August 26, but many exhibitors, 4-H members, FFA members, vendors and Extension Agents have been working and serving at the State Fairgrounds all last week. Alexa Nelson spent several days there as a senior 4-H member helping, after the projects were judged, to display them.

We Saved You a Seat

| Lori Elder | Lifestyles
Maine Street in Eads was filled with cars owned by women from across the county Sunday evening as they attended the launch event for The Table at the Senior Center. As women were entering, they were greeted by the leaders who gathered names for door prizes which were given out throughout the night.

Long Time Gone and Power of Media in Deciding What Narrative is True

| Betsy Barnett | Long Time Gone
Prohibition is a topic that is barely remembered among citizens of the United States unless they are fans of mobster movies such as Bonnie & Clyde, The Untouchables and Scarface.

As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian: Shocked But Satisfied

| Rich O'Brian | As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian
When you see this column in print it will have been written over a period of a little more than two weeks. It will take the form of a diary, in this case the diary of grandparents preparing for and attending their granddaughter’s wedding.

In the Stack: Privacy: Yours to Guard

| Jeff C. Campbell | In the Stack
It’s one of your most precious rights, but you must guard your privacy rights guaranteed by the Constitution, but it is in your charge when dealing with businesses and the government. You have to be awake and aware of what you are doing saying, writing or signing.

Student Newsroom: An Internship that Pays

| Breanna Wilson | Student Newsroom
The conversation went something like, “Alright, Bre, we’ve figured out a plan for you to work here at the grocery store over the school year.”

Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan: Report from the National HS Finals Rodeo

| Dawni O'Bryan | Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan
This week’s article is being written from the Cam-Plex in Gillette, WY at the National High School Finals Rodeo with the first round of action being completed. What an experience this has been for all high school rodeoers, their parents, grandparents, and supporters.

Matilda: The Musical Was an Outstanding Success at Picketwire Theater

| Betsy Barnett | Lifestyles
Matilda is based on the wildly popular children’s book written by Roald Dahl in 1988 and published in London. It was made into a movie in 1996 starring Mara Wilson as Matilda, Danny DeVito as Mr.

Student Newsroom: Escape

| Breanna Wilson | Student Newsroom
I gazed solemnly out of the airplane window as scenes flashed through my head. Everything else seemed to fade out of existence, even the bustle and chitter-chatter as everyone boarded the flight.


| Breanna Echols | Breanna Echols
Something about me you may not know; for about half of my life, I struggled with self-hatred. I would beat myself up over the smallest things.

Long Time Gone: Haswell Celebrates the Glorious Fourth

| Lloyd P. Johnson | Long Time Gone
If there is one holiday that seems to call for being celebrated in a small town located on the wide, open plains of Southeastern Colorado, it’s the fourth of July. Just the thought conjures up images of parades, picnics with hot dogs and watermelon, three legged races where it’s difficult to know who’s having more fun—participants or spectators.

Behind the Grindstone: Offended

| Administrator | Behind the Grindstone
Well, here we go again. In the midst of having to change the offensive names of school mascots, logos, mountains, towns, creeks and the list goes on and on we now are at risk of contacting another virus.

Watch Your Words

| Breanna Echols | Breanna Echols
Are your words cursing what you’re praying God will bless? Often times we abort the promises of God with our poisonous words, and then we blame Him when we don’t see changes. Or we simply blame the devil for attacking us, when really, it’s our words that opened the gate for destruction.

Why Bad is a Good Thing

| Breanna Wilson | Student Newsroom
Most people would agree that being the worst at something sucks. Doesn’t everyone fantasize about what it would be like to be the best of the best, whether it’s becoming an Olympian athlete or a thriving student at Stanford?

Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan: Rodeoing at the Next Level

| Dawni O'Bryan | Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan
As mentioned in previous articles, there is somewhat of a progression that goes along with rodeo. Young kids start out at little gymkhanas and junior rodeos, and then it is on to junior high school rodeos, and high school rodeos.

Long Time Gone and the Summer of the Three Rattlesnakes

| Betsy Barnett | Long Time Gone
It’s early summertime and the kids are out in force helping with chores and the many brandings going on at the ranches across the area. It is time to enjoy the long hours of daylight and the warm—soon hot—weather. But with warm weather, and kids doing farm chores comes some dangers and one danger everyone should be aware of this time of year is the dangerous presence of rattlesnakes.
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