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Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter: Passing the Torch

| GK Harkness | Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter
It’s been a long time coming. Almost fifty-two years since I picked up the reins from my Dad.

As Time Goes by with Rich O'Brian: Taking Flight

| Rich O'Brian | As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian
I’m quite sure I’m not alone. That is, there must be others who become a little, shall we say, concerned when it comes to taking off in an airplane.

Long Time Gone: The Story of the Methodist Church of Haswell

| Priscilla Waggoner | Long Time Gone
Anniversaries are important. They may be used to sell cards or jewelry or expensive dinners, but at its untarnished core, the message communicated in celebrating an anniversary is important.

Happy Trails with Dawni O'Bryan: Training Horses and Raising Kids

| Dawni O'Bryan | Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan
In the rodeo world, the cowboys and cowgirls have basically two options when it comes to picking their equine partner. Option one is to dig deep into the bank account and buy a high dollar horse that will send them to the pay window.

Long Time Gone and Faith of Our Fathers

| Priscilla Waggoner, history by Joyce Berry | Long Time Gone
Professors of Sociology and other high academic areas who have made a study of those small towns that survived the early days on the High Plains and those that didn’t often make the same observation and illustrate that observation by using the same image. They typically, more or less and in one way or another, describe the towns that survived as being similar to a three-legged stool.


| Breanna Echols | Breanna Echols
Belief is such a simple thing, however simple, does not make it easy. I’ve found that faith is often something you have to fight to keep, until the things you’ve been hoping for have started to come into view.

Day-to-Day with Doris

| Doris Lessenden | Day-to-Day With Doris
I always think of Josh Gifford when I hear or read that scripture because that was his favorite verse when he was in high school.

Behind the Grindstone: Forbidden Love

| Bill Bunting | Behind the Grindstone
There’s love for the prairie
And love on the prairie as well
It’s a love story on the prairie
This love story that we tell

Happy Trails with Dawni O'Bryan: Mike Henry: A True Cowboy Artisan

| Dawni O'Bryan | Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan
With the passing of Mike Henry, I felt it appropriate to run a piece I did a couple years ago to honor the cowboy and friend of cowboys that Henry was. His cowboy gear that he custom-made will be treasured by his customers, friends, and family forever.

Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter: All Tanked Up

| GK Harkness | Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter
Out here in the empty quarter it’s a long way to a filling station, so we buy most of our diesel fuel in bulk.

Long Time Gone and the Japanese Balloon Bombs that Terrorized the Mainland

| Betsy Barnett | Long Time Gone
This past week the country has directed their eyes to the skies as at least four objects, thought to be coming from China, had entered North American, and more specifically American, sovereign air space more than likely spying on American and North American weapons capabilities.

Behind the Grindstone: True Love

| Bill Bunting | Behind the Grindstone
They acted like newlyweds
Though they’d been married forty years
They’d hung onto each other
Through the laughter and the tears

All in His Perfect Timing

| Administrator | Breanna Echols
As I sit here drinking my oh so favorite beverage, coffee, on this very early morning, I’m reflecting on what a whirlwind the last few years have been for us.

Long Time Gone & Powerful Stories of Love

| Administrator | Long Time Gone
Valentine’s Day has come again to the High Plains and Arkansas Valley of Southeastern Colorado. In recognition of this love-filled day we dug up one of our favorite Long Time Gone articles written by Priscilla Waggoner five years ago—in February of 2019.

Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter: One Big Step

| GK Harkness | Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter
There’s terrifying and then there’s Terrified.

The Postscript: Walking Through the Snow

| Carrie Classon | The Postscript
It was snowing hard, the way it almost never does anymore, and I decided I needed to go for my walk, heedless of the weather.