Long Time Gone and The Good Son

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By Priscilla Waggoner

2019-07-10 01:28:13

Long Time Gone Presents: Percy R. Devereaux, His Quite and Not so Quiet Life

| Priscilla Waggoner | Long Time Gone
There is no telling how a man named Percy R. Devereaux ended up on the High Plains of Colorado in the small town of Eads, which had only been actually an official town for 20 years when Percy arriv...

Long Time Gone: One Man's Dream

| Priscilla Waggoner | Long Time Gone
Sometimes, on the High Plains of Eastern Colorado, it’s easy to forget that the first day of spring falls in the month of March. Anyone familiar with the region understands why this is so. It’s dur...

Long Time Gone and Fighting the Good Fight

| Priscilla Waggoner | Long Time Gone
As more and more of the veterans of World War II fade into history, it becomes increasingly important to be cognizant of, and grateful for, the extraordinary things these soldiers accomplished in b...

Long Time Gone: Leonard Sniff - Life on his own terms

| Priscilla Waggoner | Long Time Gone
Leonard Sniff was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Eads. I’d initially met him a few different times in a few different places and could tell from the start he had “the gift of gab”,...

Kiowa Healthmart Presents: Long Time Gone and the good life of L.G. Vanderwork

| Priscilla Waggoner | Long Time Gone
Last Friday, a member of our community passed away at the age of 95. When viewed from a distance, the loss of someone so elderly should not come as a surprise. At least, not a total surprise. Not r...

The Women Behind the Screens - Half Pint Boutique

| Betsy Barnett | Lifestyles
Series by Betsy Barnett As the cost of living in urban areas such as Denver continues to rise and the traffic and daily commutes get longer and more dangerous, young educated millennials are consi...

Long Time Gone and Lorrie Lynn, Back Where She Belongs

| Priscilla Waggoner | Lifestyles
There is a genuine generational feel to this part of the state. People are farming and ranching on land their grandparents homesteaded, which they, in turn, plan to leave to their sons and daughter...

Long Time Gone and the Glimpses of Great Love Stories

| Priscilla Waggoner | Long Time Gone
With all of the advances that have become just an accepted part of modern day life, all of the different accomplishments that have caused various members of our species to beat their chests and pro...

Long Time Gone and Notre Dame, Our Lady of Paris

| Priscilla Waggoner | Long Time Gone
In the midst of elections—both those that have just passed and those looming on the horizon—and investigations and legislation and political partisanship that has us at each other’s throats, there ...

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| Betsy Barnett | News
A Kiowa County, Colorado court found probable cause to charge former Kiowa County Sheriff Deputy Quinten Stump on three felony charges including tw...

Notice of Gas Franchise Agreement

| Administrator | Legal
  Notice is hereby given that Atmos Energy, a Texas Corporation, intends to apply to the Town Trustees of Eads, Colorado, for the passage of an or...

Kiowa County Hospital District Minutes 02/23/2021

| Administrator | Legal
Download the minutes here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h84v44vzefy50oj/KCHD%20Minutes%2002.23.2021%20Publish.pdf?dl=0  


| Administrator | Legal
Colorado law requires the county assessor to hear objections to real property classifications and valuations beginning May 3, 2021. Objections to t...


| Betsy Barnett | Lifestyles
Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish the Town Council or the County Commissioners would get their act together and fix (fill in the blank)?” ...
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