LONG TIME GONE And the schoolhouse on the hill

As restrictions from the COVIC-19 pandemic have required parents to homeschool their children, it’s natural to reflect on the role schools—and, more specifically, schoolhouses—played in the history...

By Priscilla Waggoner

2020-04-29 17:49:43

Spiritual Encouragement During COVID-19

| Pastor Lane Gooden - Praise Community Church-Eads | facebook.com/pcceads | Lifestyles
God’s Goodness and Power A week and a half ago many in our community came together to celebrate Easter with a Sunrise Drive-In Service. This ecumenical event united, highlighted, ministered an...

Speaking a Universal Language

| Priscilla Waggoner | Lifestyles
The Extraordinary Music of Jimmy Brown It is no understatement to say that Jimmy Brown is intensely passionate about those things that matter to him in life. He speaks of his wife, Mandy, and chil...

Spiritual Leadership during COVID-19: Good Friday - Hope

| Rev. Travis K. Walker | Lifestyles
By: Rev. Travis K. Walker of Wiley and McClave United Methodist ChurchA little over one month ago, Ash Wednesday was celebrated and remembered at both congregations I serve as their pastor. I recal...

Long Time Gone Presents: The Power of Flowers

| Betsy Barnett | Long Time Gone
The annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA is one of the most iconic and long-running traditions our country looks forward to each year. Who hasn’t awoken on New Year’s Day, maybe after a night of cele...

Long Time Gone and the story of how "It spread like wildfire"

| Priscilla Waggoner | Long Time Gone
Some say that great pandemics come along once every 100 years or so. Current circumstances would suggest that’s true. In 1918, 102 years ago, Americans were going through something similar to what ...

Saying Farewell to 2019, and Hello to 2020!

| Lifestyles
As we enter a new decade, let's take a look back at what the Kiowa County Independent and our community has celebrated and tragically lost in 2019.  Happy New Year and Welcome into 2020! va...

Spiritual Leadership during COVID-19: TRUST

| Pastor Janita Krayniak | Lifestyles
Just a few weeks ago, I would venture to say that no one in Kiowa County had ever paid much attention to the virus we now know worldwide as COVID 19. When the panic began overseas, I will be the fi...


| Eboni Nash | Eboni Nash
For those of us who have not acknowledged the date for the past couple weeks, it is time we look alive. Classes may be done, deadlines over, but New Year’s is fast approaching. For some, 2019 has b...

Let's Grow Together

| Katie Kopasz | Lifestyles
Gardening has the ability to get the whole family out together into the fresh air and sunlight and creates a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Many families are seeking safe and meaningful activ...

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AS TIME GOES BY with Rich O’Brian

| Rich O'Brian | Lifestyles
AM I A PATRIOT? What I’m about to say is in no way meant to be political. As I look back over my very long life, I have just started to think abo...


| Betsy Barnett | Sports
The Hi-Plains Volleyball League was at full speed over the past weekend as numerous area teams played multiple contests.  EADS LADY EAGLES The Ea...

Kit Carson Days

| Raina Lucero | Lifestyles
The annual Kit Carson Days festivities were held this last Saturday September 4, 2021 in Kit Carson, Colorado.   This time-honored event brings in ...

BUSTIN’ OUT & BUSTIN’ LOOSE IN 2021: Kiowa Coun...

| Betsy Barnett | News
It’s Fair & Rodeo time in Kiowa County and for more than 100 years this time of year is the most anticipated by the farmers, crafters, children...

There’s Just Something About Winning It

| Dawni O'Bryan | Lifestyles
Like every other sport, rodeo is extremely competitive and tough.  The days of slipping off to an “easy” rodeo are over.  If you are going to one, ...
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