Spirit Dance Troupe Continues to Shine in State Competitions

| Betsy Barnett | News
The Spirit Dance Troupe out of Lamar coached by Rosalind Smith, traveled to the Revolution Talent Competition in Pueblo in the first part of March to compete in the large and highly competitive dance event.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and Other Colorado Lawmakers Address a Record Crowd

| Raina Lucero | News
On Saturday March 18 more than 300 people gathered to attend the Otero County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner at the Valley Trading Post Event Center in La Junta, Colorado.

Local Church Celebrating 85 Years

| Administrator | News
Praise Community Church, formerly known as Eads Assembly of God, became a member of the General Council of the Assemblies of God on March 17th, 1938. We are grateful for the pioneers, sowers, builders, volunteers and pastors who have served this church and community, in Christian ministry, over the past 85 years.

Skeptical Farmer Burns Ag’s Playbook, Steers Turnaround on 2,000 Acres

| Chris Bennett | News
Roy Pfaltzgraff piled farming’s traditional playbook and recommendations on the turnrow and tossed a match on the heap. What remained beneath the ash? “Profit and a consistent way forward,” he says.

Community Easter Egg Hunt in Eads on April 8: the Easter Bunny Is Coming to Town

| Raina Lucero | News
In just a few days, spring will have sprung as we begin to see the green grass and even some flowers begin to sprout their tentative heads from the cold once frozen ground. Life anew will surface and bring sounds of children outside playing in the warmer weather.

Sand Creek Massacre Foundation Awarded Grant

| Administrator | News
The Sand Creek Massacre Foundation is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an Inclusive Storytelling grant from the National Park Foundation. This grant will enable the foundation to fund important projects.

Regenerative Health & Wellness Brings Direct Primary Health Care to Rural Colorado

| Betsy Barnett | News

Direct Primary Care (DPC). It’s a concept that is taking off in many parts of the country as more and more people are looking to change their way of thinking on how to approach their personal health care.

Letter to the Editor: Beth Bell

| Beth Bell | Letters to the Editor
Dear Community Stakeholders:

“Come and Take It”: Colorado Republicans React to New Semi-Automatic Gun Ban Measure Brought to the Legislative Floor

| Raina Lucero | News
Proposed by James Madison, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified in 1791 and allowed the creation of civilian forces which shall counteract a tyrannical federal government.

Caitlin Philpy NP-C to Join Kiowa County Hospital District Staff

| Raina Lucero | News
2006 Eads High School graduate Caitlin Philpy, daughter of John and Katie Philpy of Eads, has accepted a position as a new NP-C provider at Kiowa County Hospital District (KCHD). Caitlin will join the ranks at KCHD with fellow NP and former Eads High School classmate Rachel Bletzacker along with the other fine providers there.

Housing Projects near Completion in Eads, Will Net 10 New Homes

| Betsy Barnett | News
Last month we reported on the completion of the unique housing project in Kit Carson where five homes were placed in two separate locations within the Town of Kit Carson. That project netted 5 new homes in Kit Carson.

ChatGPT: What It is and Why You Should Care

| Mary Vasquez | Opinion
If I told you there was a free, new chat-based technology online that’s called ChatGPT and that the “GPT” stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” would you have any idea what I was talking about? Yeah, me either! You might even question why you should care, but believe me, we should all care about this new online tech.

Cheyenne Manor Hosts Meet and Greet for New Administrator, Tammy Freeman

| Raina Lucero | News
On Sunday, February 19 the Board of Directors of the Cheyenne Manor in Cheyenne Wells hosted a Meet and Greet soup dinner for the community at the Knights of Columbus Hall in honor of their newly hired administrator, Tammy Freeman.

Letter to the Editor: Karen Yudnich

| Karen Yudnich | Letters to the Editor
I encourage all of you to read this article from 22 Feb 2023 Kiowa County Independent: Eads & Haswell United Methodist Churches Disaffiliate from the Mountain Sky Conference (

Rural Communites like Kit Carson Recognize They're at a Tipping Point

| Betsy Barnett | News
The Webster’s definition of “tipping point” describes, “A critical moment in a complex situation in which a small influence or development produces a sudden large or irreversible change.”

Republican House Representatives Battle on the Hill for Rural Colorado Against Dem. Backed Gun Legislation

| Raina Lucero | News
Last Monday, Colorado House Representatives debated one of the many bills that are expected to come from this legislative session. House Bill 23-1165, concerning the authority of a Board of County Commissioners to Prohibit Discharge of Firearms in Unincorporated Areas of a County.
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