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Jared Polis - Colorado Governor

With 2019 in our rear view mirror, and one of the more contentious legislative sessions gone along with it, the 2020 legislative session has just begun with elected officials returning to the state capital and comments coming from both sides about the wish to work in a more bi-partisan fashion than the previous year.

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Out of Control - Excessive Speeding in Kiowa County

Kiowa County Sheriff's Office

There’s something going on in Kiowa County, and it’s going on in plain sight. Anyone who drives Highway 287 between the northern border of Kiowa County and south into the northern part of Prowers on any kind of a regular basis has most likely witnessed it multiple times, firsthand.

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January 15 Last Day to Purchase Legacy Bricks at Plains Theater in Eads

Crow Luther Cultural Event Center

For the past three months the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center has been selling Legacy bricks that will be used to replace the old sidewalk in front of the current Plains Theater and Maine Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe. The brick sales are now coming to an end and will close on January 15. All orders must be made by the end of that day.

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Dones Continue to Appear over the Plains. Answers about Who's Behind Them? Not so much.

Drones in Southeast Colorado

It’s been almost three weeks since December 20th when the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) in Colorado first posted on their Facebook page that they had received reports from concerned citizens about mysterious drones flying overhead. A subsequent post that appeared on that site a few days later seemed to confirm the reports as it was stated that deputies from Phillips and neighboring Yuma County had spent an evening tracking 16 drones flying over the area. The PCSO post also stated that, while it was not known who was operating the drones or why, nothing indicated the individual(s) involved had malicious intent.

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Jordan Barnett Buck Returns to Home Plate Two Fridays a Month

Buck Law in Eads, Colorado

Let’s face it. Over the years, lawyers have gotten a bad rep. Some attribute it to the winner-loser nature of law. If a lawyer wins a case, his or her client hails him as the greatest champion ever, but if that same lawyer later loses a case for that same client, he or she is nothing but a floundering dweeb. Others say the bad rep originated with lawyers defending people for committing crimes that “everyone knows” they committed, regardless of the fact that lawyers are legally and professionally bound to represent their clients to the best of their ability. Whatever the reason, lawyers have been the butt of no small number of (usually really bad) jokes for years.

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