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A Letter from the Publisher

     I’ve always believed newspapers play a crucial role in society. Whether it’s a publication with millions of readers or a periodical with a thousand readers in a sparsely populated county, the function is the same:  to serve the community, to provide the public with information that is unbiased and without agenda, to challenge people to examine their opinions and the opinions of others toward a greater understanding of who we are, and to support a healthy economy because a community cannot prosper in the absence of a dynamic marketplace.
     We live in a cynical world where appearance trumps substance and words seem to carry more weight than action.  Some people may say my belief in the potential of a newspaper is idealistic, perhaps even naïve. But it was the pursuit of possibilities that first brought settlers to Kiowa County.  It was their dogged determination that kept them here despite droughts and floods and long stretches of time when there was more month than money.  I’m not ready or willing to abandon my belief in the power of the written word and, as such, am committed to certain goals.

     When I deliver a newspaper to either your doorstep or your inbox, I want to deliver intelligence worthy of the time it takes to read what is written. I want to deliver a product that is collaborative where readers can interact with their newspaper. I want to encourage our county to think differently—perhaps more independently—than we have before. I want to foster thinking “outside the box” in order to develop our economy. I want to help existing businesses find more customers and to enhance their current customers’ experience. I want to highlight and celebrate the amazing life we live in rural Colorado.

     Although I’ve always had a goal of owning a newspaper, I didn’t plan on that happening right now. But the right opportunity and the right people came along at the same time, and I decided to take the chance on a new business in town.  So, I’ll be writing about our precious youth and all they do, and the new staff at the Kiowa County Independent will handle the rest.

     Our editor is Priscilla Waggoner.  Priscilla has written professionally for several newspapers and a magazine in the Denver-Boulder area and worked as a professional screenwriter for the film industry. She lives in Eads with her family of 3 dogs and 2 horses.

     Our media designer and ad agent is Kayla Murdock. Kayla grew up in Eads, graduated from Eads High School in 2004 and obtained her Bachelor’s in Business from Adams State College in Alamosa. She lives in Sheridan Lake with her husband and their two sons.

     So, here we are.  I don’t look at the Kiowa County Independent as my newspaper; I look at it as ours, yours and mine, and I look forward to embarking on this new adventure with you.  I believe, together, we can accomplish great things

Betsy Barnett
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