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Letter to the Editor: Floyd Griswould

Dear Editor,

I would like to address Eboni Nash’s article on inmate voters.

Eboni, you stated you are a tutor at a local prison to which I would like to caution you as to the art of manipulation by inmates in the prison system. I retired from the prison system in the State of Colorado, having served at two different prisons both in the Arkansas Valley and at Limon.

I learned that first and foremost an inmate’s vision is to get out of prison. A young female could be used as a vehicle to achieve this accomplishment. I will not go into any horror examples of how this has been done, but there has been a long line of shattered examples. Many a young tutor, pen pal, and eventually lover have been dashed and even wound up in prison because they felt like inmates have rights.

An inmate has the right to breath air. Most of them never voted a time in their life. Many of them are let live because it is too expensive to go through all of the appeals that they are granted that drags on and on through the court system.

You know, one day I was on perimeter patrol and saw a helicopter approaching the prison yard with all intentions of landing therein. Sitting behind the pilot was a young lover with a pistol to the pilot’s head. The plane landed, two inmates got in, and off they flew. We couldn’t shoot the pilot. He had no control. I had flown in Vietnam and just knew this was going to be the way he died in a hail of bullets from prison officers. God was with all of us that day. But two young lovers went to prison as did the escapees. It just cost the taxpayer the experience of four more inmates who lost their rights.

One they serve their sentence time, upon their parole, they then can have their rights re-instated.

Just an opinion of an old cop who has been there.


Floyd M. Griswould

To read Eboni's Article about Inmate voters, click here.


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