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  • Annual "Buy Local" Christmas Drawing

Annual "Buy Local" Christmas Drawing

Did you shop Small Business Saturday yesterday in Eads? 

Then you were probably entered into the $125 Eads Bucks weekly drawing for the next 3 Fridays! If you didn't happen to get in on some of the amazing deals the participating businesses provided, you still have plenty of time! 

Buying local is the most important action a citizen can do for their community. Each dollar they spend in their own communities turns over a whopping seven times. When you support your local business owner, who is more than likely your friend or member of your family, that money is then distributed seven different directions that includes other services that we all enjoy and use. Buying local is vital to turning over the economic wave for the community.

Also, when you buy local you pay sales tax to your local city and county. They then use that sales tax to keep the roads nice, provide utilities, and build the infrastructure. Without the sales tax money, not much would be improved upon in our town. The worst thing we can do is go buy items in the city, paying their much higher sales tax, that costs us more and helps to pay for someone else’s services---especially when the same item can be purchased right in our own community.

Finally, the more we buy, the more items we have to choose from. When we say, ‘There’s nothing to buy in our town’, we could fix that by supporting the businesses who can then get in the items you really want to buy.

The Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation and the Independent encourages you to take a look at the local businesses and see what is there, not only on Small Business Saturday, but every day of the year.

If you buy that subscription --- the town can continue to have a newspaper. If you buy food in the restaurant --- that restaurant can provide better food and service as they move forward. If you buy a gym membership---that gym stays open and we can continue to utilize it for our health. When you buy your prescriptions and office supplies in town --- those items and more will be there when you need them.

Buying local is so convenient. Buying local allows us to meet nice people. Buying local builds the infrastructure of the community. Buying local makes you an informed and highly intelligent person.

New this year to the Eads Chamber of Commerce giveaway is a very welcome $50 per week donation by Matt Prince, President of CWC Rail, Inc., the company now taking care of our rail line.

$125 in Eads Bucks for 4 Fridays

November 29, December 6, 13 and 20

Sponsored by:
Eads Chamber of Commerce and CWC Rail, Inc.

Participating businesses: Crow's Stop and Shop, Eads Auto Supply, Eads Consumer Supply, GNBank's Angel Tree, Hometown Gas & Grill, Kiowa Healthmart and 719 Metal Works.

  • Eastern Slope Technologies
  • Peterson Payne
  • 719 Metal
  • Kiowa Health Mart
  • Performance Automotive
  • Landfill Ad
  • Siteground
  • Kiowa County Hospital District
  • Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation
  • A1 Towing
  • Girard National Bank
  • R And T
  • Seth Walker
  • Praise Community Church
  • Cobblestone
  • First Christian Church
  • A1 Rentals
  • First Baptist Directory Ad
  • Klmr