• Allison Buck Named New Provider in Family Medicine in Lamar

Allison Buck Named New Provider in Family Medicine in Lamar

By Betsy Barnett

2020-11-05 22:47:35

Rural healthcare in southeastern Colorado just got a big boost as last week the Prowers Medical Center announced they have hired two new medical providers in the Family Medicine Healthcare area.  Obtaining quality providers in rural Colorado is a costly and time-consuming process and one that usually has more negative than positive outcomes.  However, with the addition of Dr. Margaret Loewen and Allison Buck, FNP the medical center has certainly managed to obtain two quality candidates.

According to an article by the Prowers Journal on October 29, “Dr. Margaret Loewen is making a transition from working full-time in our Emergency Services Department to begin providing patient care in our Prowers Medical Center Clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She will continue to provide occasional coverage in our Emergency Department, but her primary role will be that of Family Medicine.”  It goes on to indicate that Dr. Loewen will fulfill her contract until December 2021 upon which Prowers Medical Center hopes to have found a permanent provider. She begins her work on November 2, 2020.

Allison Buck, FNP is no stranger to the healthcare industry as she has been working in the field for the past 16 years.  According to Buck, a graduate from Eads High School in 2009, “I started as a certified nurse’s aid (CNA) at Weisbrod Memorial Hospital here in Eads. That is how I knew I wanted to be a nurse and eventually a nurse practitioner.”

After graduating from Eads High School, she attended her undergrad years at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs graduating with honors from the challenging Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Soon after becoming a registered nurse, Allison decided to stay in Colorado Springs, build her own home, and worked for a number of years in mostly the emergency departments of a couple of hospitals.  She also worked in labor and delivery.  “Those early years of work helped me focus more on women's health and the care of neonates.  Those are areas I still have a strong interest in.”

Buck worked a number of long hours during the first five years of her career as a registered nurse trying to gain as much experience as possible before taking the next step on her personal goals list --- that of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner.

“After 5 years of working as a registered nurse I felt I had gained enough experience and that it was time to accomplish another career aspiration, becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). My experience taking care of patients throughout the lifespan inspired me to become a FNP because this specialty will allow me to take care of ALL patient populations (pediatrics, women's health, acute and chronic conditions, men's health, geriatrics, etc.)”

In 2017, while still in Colorado Springs working part time as a registered nurse in the Emergency Room at Penrose St. Francis Hospital, Buck took the plunge and began her Masters of Science in Nursing program.  She graduated from the program with high marks in May of 2020 and became certified with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners in September of this year. 

Buck did some of her final intern work at the Kiowa County Hospital District and Eads Medical Clinic through the early part of 2020.

Buck says she is thrilled to be moving back to the area where she grew up.  It has been her dream all along, since 2009, to work and perhaps someday have a family living in rural southeastern Colorado. 

Buck says, “Living in Colorado Springs for the last 11 years has been an eye-opening experience and has made me extremely appreciative of rural communities. There truly is nothing like the sense of family you get from living in a small town. After an intense job search during these unprecedented times of the pandemic; the stars aligned, so to speak, and I have been blessed with an opportunity by Prowers Medical Center (PMC) to provide exceptional and reliable care for the residents of Southeast Colorado. I wanted to return to Southeast Colorado because I understand the importance of having access to exceptional and reliable healthcare because I was raised in this area. I plan on living in Eads, hopefully a house will come up for sale, if not I will be building, and commute to Lamar. I am choosing to live in Eads to be close to my mom and I look forward to being more involved in the community where I was raised.”

Buck begins her journey with Prowers Medical Center and seeing patients at the beginning of December and, tentatively, her schedule will be Monday through Thursdays.

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