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Connie Richardson Recognized as a Colorado Health Care Hero

By Ellen Lane

February 17, 2021

Everyone who has worked in health care over the past year knows that it has been a very hard year. Endless changes, working short staffed due to staff being out sick with COVID or quarantine for exposure, caring for patients that may put your own life or the lives of your family at risk, outbreak challenges like serial testing of staff and dealing at the same time with personal challenges- spouses or other family members losing their jobs, kids unable to participate in milestone moments like graduation or sports. But through it all the staff at the Kiowa County Hospital District stayed strong together. We have had rough moments and ups and downs, but we are still here providing the same great care that has been provided for generations in this family–oriented community.

Our people, those who work in many capacities in the Kiowa County Hospital District, are appreciated and indispensable. If you are a department head, YOU as well as your staff deserve the utmost praise and appreciation. Please share this with them.

Recently, the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) wanted to recognize ALL health care personnel, as well as highlight a few folks who really rose up and went above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We nominated Connie Richardson, RN. Connie is thoroughly committed to this hospital and has dedicated her life to it. She has served in numerous roles during her career, but her role as a dedicated nurse and fierce advocate for excellent patient care is awe-inspiring and commendable. She went above and beyond during the pandemic, as she does consistently – always. It is extremely rare to see Connie be anything but busy. She is truly amazing, and she was nominated and won this award from the Colorado Hospital Association as a Colorado Health Care Hero. We honored her through a very modest ceremony a few weeks ago and yesterday she was honored through a virtual event. Please join me in congratulating her!

Here is a video from CHA, honoring ALL healthcare personnel- this includes everyone who works here, and Connie is in the video!


Link to the CHA page that listing Richardson.


According to the Colorado Hospital Superheroes Award website, it describes a superhero as having one or more of, “courage, strong moral code, great sense of responsibility, fighting spirit, mental toughness.” Connie exemplifies that in every aspect and more!

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