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Mike O'Donnell for Secretary of State

By Administrator

May 18, 2022

The role of Secretary of State has come under increased scrutiny since the 2020 election. The role is responsible for elections as well as economics. Right now, in Colorado, we are sliding into a recession and there is a current, active Federal lawsuit that alleges we have the dirtiest voter roles in the country. The mid-terms are 6 months away, and we need a change. Who do we vote for in the June Primary? In an effort to inform your readers, we wanted to share this recent quote from the non-partisan United States Election Integrity Plan (USEIP) newsletter:

Mike O’Donnell is one of the candidates running for Secretary of State in Colorado. This contentious race had gotten nationwide attention due to fiery Tina Peters, the County Clerk from Mesa County and her struggle to ensure secure elections in the county versus incumbent SoS Jena Griswold. Griswold who is best known to those investigating the Colorado elections for apparently deleting election data while claiming to have the “gold standard” of election processes.

Mike is the still-waters-run-deep candidate in this race. His soft Australian accent and solid presence are reassuring that everything can be worked out for the best. His long history of working with small businesses means he would be extremely competent at the job of Sec of State. Mike is also fully aware of the need to clean the voter rolls and root out the problems with Colorado’s voting systems. “Until the voter roll is cleaned up by removing the masses of non residents and non citizens, we will never have election integrity in Colorado.”

The Secretary of State role, at its foundation, is about business. It is not intended to be a partisan role. As an economist, Mike O’Donnell has a working relationship with Governor Polis. He has presented findings and forecasts to him. Mike O’Donnell is also committed to conducting a root cause analysis of the election process in Colorado to rebuild confidence in our election system. With his professional history with Governor Polis, Mike has demonstrated his ability to work across the aisle. He is also the only GOP Secretary of State candidate that we believe is able to unite the GOP and bridge the gap to the Unaffiliated voters in Colorado.

If you’d like to meet Mike in-person or via Zoom, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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