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Glenn Frommer pictured with Lance Armstrong in Aspen, Colorado.

RideForPKD: Patient and Advocate

By Raina Lucero

June 29, 2022

In 2015, Glenn Frommer was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) a genetic and incurable disease. Glenn’s case is progressing slowly however he has seen how awful this disease can become and has witnessed friends suffer without a cure.

Because Glenn is fortunate to be in a position to receive excellent medical care along with his decision to stay active and make healthy nutritional choices, and the slow progression has made it his mission to raise more than $500,000 specifically to support the PKD Foundation with critically-needed funds for research into the disease and to raise awareness about it.

In May of this year, Glenn began the journey of approximately 5,300 miles across the United States riding his bike to accomplish his mission of raising awareness and significant donations for PKD. The ride stated in Northern California and over the course of roughly 100 days of riding, he will have made his way across the Rockies, through the Plains to Kansas City, up to Chicago and down to Washington, DC. Glenn will then ride up the eastern seaboard and end his journey in Boston.

“It is quite an undertaking but I’m hoping with the help of all of you, I’ll gain the support, resources, and encouragement to make a difference in the lives of millions of people with PKD.” Glenn says on his website.

As Glenn made his way to Sommerset, Colorado he was presented with the opportunity to instead make his way to Aspen where he would be able to meet with and ride with one of his idols, 7-time consecutive winner of the tour-de-France, Lance Armstrong.

Something special that Glenn has incorporated into his journey is the opportunity for followers to ride with him for a time. On his website, anyone interested can look at his route and schedule a time to meet up with him to ride along to support the cause. Not able to make the journey? There are also Peloton events scheduled to virtually ride along with Glenn. You will find more information on the official website, www.rideforpdk.org.

On the afternoon of Friday June 24 Glenn and his team arrived at their halfway point of the journey which just happened to be right here in Eads where they spent the night at Cobblestone Inn and Suites to rest before they began the second half of their journey.

At halfway through the mission, Glenn’s efforts have already reached more than $400,000 of the $500,000 he sought to raise for PKD.

You can follow Glenn’s journey, donate to the cause, or see about meeting him for a ride on his website, www.rideforpdk.org.

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