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DW Waste Sells Company to Springfield's Plains Disposal

By Betsy Barnett

July 6, 2022

Joel Woelk manager of DW Waste Management out of Sheridan Lake has announced to all their customers that as of July 1 all residential and commercial waste customers will be able to transfer their service to a new company out of Springfield called Plains Disposal as the longtime Kiowa County business has sold out.

DW Waste Management has been serving rural Prowers and Kiowa County customers since 2009. Their services covered an extremely large geographical area picking up waste at farmhouses and in unincorporated towns across the region. Approximately 600 customers will have to switch their service to the new company or look elsewhere for their waste management needs.

Woelk took the time to answer a few questions from the Independent about the sale of this highly successful company. Woelk said, “We simply decided that it was time to sale. The rates for disposal are becoming increasingly higher all the time as well as the fuel cost it takes to run. Inevitably, we would have had to start raising prices in the very near future. The new company is out of Springfield and plans to service all the same areas and customers. They have already mapped their new routes and will be starting this week. They plan to haul the majority of waste out of the county to Elkhart, Kansas which will certainly help eliminate some of the pressure on the landfills here including Lamar and Eads. Unfortunately, on the other hand, substantial revenue will also be lost by those landfills.”

The loss of such a company is noteworthy for Kiowa County. DWD was named Business of the Year by the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation just prior to the pandemic. Through the years they have sponsored tee-ball teams and the annual 5K Brauts for Boobies cancer fundraising events. They have been a family owned and operated business utilizing every member of the family in doing the many jobs required to operate a small business in Kiowa County. Gerald and Zelpha Deines have worked side by side with Woelk managing and operating DW Waste & Disposal.

Woelk says he’ll continue operating Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service, a business he had been operating for even more years prior to the start of DW Waste.

A statement from DW Waste Management on June 18 read, “We want to take this time to thank you for your patronage with DW Waste over the last 15 years, we appreciate you all so much. Recently we were approached by a party interested in acquiring our company and after much consideration we have decided it is time to sell. We will officially be handling the reigns over on July 1st to Plains Disposal out of Springfield, Colorado. We will miss each of you as customers and appreciate your support over the years, we feel confident in and encourage you to continue to patronize Plains Disposal as they are a fully capable company providing quality service.”

DW Waste customers who pay annually will continue service with no interruption with Plains Disposal. If customers were signed up to auto pay that service ended June 30 and a new auto pay service will have to be set up with the new company starting July 1. Customers who pay quarterly will get a final bill from DW Waste and after that, accounts will need to be set up with Plains Disposal.

Plains Disposal, LLC is located in Springfield and serves Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma in the Tri-State area with waste management and disposal needs. They also provide porta potty and septic service.

The following communities are listed as within their current service area prior to their DWD purchase: Springfield, Lamar, Holly, Two Buttes, Walsh, Campo, Pritchett, Vilas, Elkhart, Johnson, Coolidge, Rolla, Richfield, Boise City and Keys.

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