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Quinten Stump to Face Retrial in Kiowa County District Court

By Raina Lucero

September 7, 2022

Former Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Quinten Stump and his Colorado Springs defense team including Michael Stuzynski and Beau Worthington along with District Attorney Joshua Vogel appeared virtually in the Kiowa County District Court Room on August 30. The honorable Judge Michael Davidson was also present presiding over the status conference scheduled for two criminal cases pending for Stump.

On Friday, August 19, after five-days of testimony in the long-awaited trial for the officer-involved shooting death of Zachary Gifford, Quinten Stump was acquitted on the first count of Attempted Second-Degree Murder (for the first shot taken) in the case of The People of the State of Colorado v. Quinten Stump. The same jury was unable to come to a unanimous verdict with reports indicating there were 10 jury members voting to convict, but 2 to not convict on the other two counts against the defendant, despite more than 5-hours of deliberation. Because of fear that there could be coercion amongst the jury the judge declared a mistrial on the 2 remaining counts that included one count of Attempted Second-Degree Murder (for the second shot taken) and one count of Second-Degree Assault.

During the August 30 Setting, District Attorney Vogel asked the judge to set the matter once again for jury trial. The defendant, Quinten Stump has waived his right to a quick and speedy trial within the 90-day time period allotted. The retrial will take place once again in the Kiowa County District Court Room and is set to begin January 3, 2023 with jury selection and scheduled through January 13, 2023. It was decided that the retrial would follow the same process for jury selection as was used in the first trial.

Defense attorney Stuzynski stated that he may want to include additional questions to the potential juror questionnaire due to the publicity of the first trial. Judge Davidson has advised both parties that any motions should be submitted by September 30 with responses to those motions due by October 21. At that time, if the judge feels there is a need for a Motions Hearing he will schedule it after that date.

In the wake of the mistrial in this case, Stump’s second jury trial in which he stands accused of drunkenly firing his duty-issued firearm, while on administrative leave with the Gifford case pending, at a stop sign. That jury trial was scheduled for Tuesday August 30, 2022, but has been vacated. That second jury trial has now been rescheduled for a two-day trial beginning on January 30, 2023.

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