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Thank You, Kiowa County, for a Tremendous 2022 Fair & Rodeo Week

By Raina Lucero

September 14, 2022

The 2022 Kiowa County Fair had its kickoff event on Sunday, September 4 when the Kiowa County Riding Club sponsored the annual locals rodeo that features small children to adults who live within or are associated with Kiowa County.

Five age divisions were represented in the annual event competitions including Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, and Flags There’s even a special, and usually surprise, event referred to as the Fun Event where money and placings can be earned.

According to Robin Fox, leader of the Kiowa County Riding Club and organizer of the County Fun Day event, “This year’s Fun Event featured a figure-eight competition between two poles. Sometimes we’ll have them carry an egg with a spoon across the arena without breaking it. They never know what it will be.”

Each division will pay off their cowboy/cowgirl with one being named the All-Around. A beautiful belt buckle was awarded to each division All-Around Cowboy/Cowgirl this year with the Shalberg Family donating all five belt buckles.

The results are as follows with category winners earning some money:

TINY TOTS (age 5 and younger)

  • Barrel Race – Rylee Stoker (1st), Colt Hainer (2nd)
  • Flags – Rylee Stoker (1st), Colt Hainer (2nd)
  • Pole Bending – Rylee Stoker (1st), Colt Hainer (2nd)
  • Fun Event – Rylee Stoker (1st), Colt Hainer (2nd)
  • All-Around Tiny Tot was Rylee Stoker


  • Barrel Race – Hadley Bray (1st), Garrett Hainer (2nd), Ryata Stoker (3rd), Braxtyn Ferris (4th)
  • Flags – Hadley Bray (1st), Braxtyn Ferris (2nd), Garrett Hainer (3rd), Mathias Lane (4th)
  • Pole Bending – Hadley Bray (1st), Ryata Stoker (2nd), Braxtyn Ferris (3rd), Garrett Hainer (4th)
  • Fun Event – Hadley Bray (1st), Garrett Hainer (2nd), Ryata Stoker (3rd), Braelynn Hancock (4th)
  • All-Around Junior was Hadley Bray


  • Barrel Race – Rhyha Stoker (1st), Braya Ferris (2nd), Ayden Hose (3rd), Trate Weimer (4th)
  • Flags – Ayden Hose (1st), Braya Ferris (2nd), Trate Weimer (3rd), Rhyha Stoker (NT)
  • Pole Bending – Rhyha Stoker (1st), Braya Ferris (2nd), Trate Weimer (3rd), Ayden Hose (4th)
  • Fun Event – Rhyha Stoker (1st), Braya Ferris (2nd), Ayden Hose (3rd), Trate Weimer (4th)
  • All-Around Intermediate was Braya Ferris

SENIOR DIVISION (ages 16-18)

Only Kiya Leonard was entered so she competed in the Adult Division. Leonard was named the All-Around Senior Division winner.


  • Barrel Race – Talli Lane (1st), Kiya Leonard (2nd), Cody Fox (3rd), Josh Weimer (4th)
  • Flags – Josh Weimer (1st), Cody Fox (2nd), Leala Owens (3rd), Kiya Leonard (4th)
  • Pole Bending – Cody Fox (1st), Kiya Leonard (2nd), Talli Lane (3rd), Josh Weimer (4th)
  • Fun Event – Josh Weimer (1st), Cody Fox (2nd), Tearle Lessenden (3rd), Kiya Leonard (4th)
  • All-Around Adult was Cody Fox

Note: The All-Around Award was determined by placing and times throughout each competition.

The Kiowa County Riding Club is a very active group bringing multiple events to the Kiowa County Fairgrounds throughout the year and particularly in the summertime. They will hold their annual year-end banquet and awards event in October.

Wednesday was show day for many 4-H and FFA students. The goat show, rabbit, and poultry show all took place in the afternoon. The Exhibit Hall was opened to all Open Class entries and there was barrel racing in the arena.

Thursday began bright and early with the annual Chuckwagon Breakfast on Maine Street as members of the Eads Chamber of Commerce did a fantastic job of feeding hundreds of Fair goers. Later in the morning and throughout the day there were more 4-H and FFA students showing livestock in the swine show, sheep show, and beef show.

The children’s Inflatable Experience play area opened on Thursday for some cheap yet exciting entertainment for the youngsters. There were also more events in the arena such as team roping, Dog Trails, and judging on all exhibits began in the Exhibit Hall. Vendors were also allowed to begin setting up around and under the grandstands for the duration of the Fair.

Another Chuck Wagon breakfast began the day bright and early on Friday, which was prepared once again by the Eads Chamber of Commerce. The 4-H and FFA Students put all their hard work on the line and took their livestock to the pavilion floor once again to sale to the highest bidder.

A Beef Barbeque was prepared and served by Kiowa County Employees. A beer tent was open during Friday and Saturday and the horse races and the Mountain States Ranch Rodeo got under way. In the evening, the band “Little Wing” performed until midnight for the fair dance attendees.

Saturday was the final day of the County Fair and it began with much cooler temperatures and some precipitation. The Fair Parade was led by Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office Deputies as well as acting sheriff Kayla Murdock. A long procession including classic cars, Fair royalty, fire trucks, business floats, Alumni floats and political hopefuls idled down Maine street throwing candy to the children who had waited all week for this moment to come.

After the parade was over onlookers moved to the fairgrounds to see who won awards in the Exhibit Hall. The inflatable Experience, as well as the beer tent, were opened on Saturday and a pork barbeque was served. In the arena, the CPRA and Horse Races began at 1 pm with Ranch Bronc riding beginning at 6 pm.

A full list of results will be posted in next week’s edition of the Kiowa County Independent.

It is great to see our small community buzzing with friends and family who return for the annual County Fair. These traditional celebrations bring communities together each year to socialize, learn and enjoy good local food and entertainment. It is events like the Kiowa County Fair & Rodeo that many families plan their summer schedules around each year.

A large thank you goes out to the Kiowa County Fair Board members, David Walker, Cody Fox, Areta Laird, Talli Lane, and Tabatha Ferris as it is their hard work, creative thinking, and vision that brings the Fair together each year. Other thanks go out to all county employees who work to cook, serve, prepare and keep up the grounds and all the other countless jobs that must be done in order to successfully hold the Kiowa County Fair and Rodeo each and every year.