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NRA Defensive Pistol Class

By Administrator

October 6, 2022

The Kiowa County Farm Bureau has been instrumental in lining up an NRA certified defensive pistol class to be held in Eads staring on October 21st. This is approximately an 8 to10-hour course that combines classroom and range time. The pre-requisite for this class is the ability to legally possess a firearm according to state and federal laws.

The course will be taught by Mike Beecham who is a NRA Certified Instructor with over 15 years of experience in teaching defensive handgun training in Southeast Colorado. Over 1000 students have successfully completed this training to obtain a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. The class that will be taught is the NRA Defensive Pistol Couse and will include 10 hours of combined classroom training and live fire exercises on the range. Mike and his wife, Phyllis live in La Junta, CO.


Friday, October 21 Classroom time – 5:30 PM – approximately 9:00 PM. Location – Eads Gun Range at Kiowa County Fairgrounds. Kiowa County Farm Bureau will provide pizza and drinks.

Saturday, October 22 Range Time – 8:30 AM – approximately 4:00 PM. Location - Eads Gun Range at Kiowa County Fairgrounds, Kiowa County Farm Bureau will provide lunch at noon (sandwich variety plate, chips, vegetable/fruit plate, dessert) Also, water and Gatorade throughout the day.

Upon the successful completion of the 32 round shooting qualification test, you will be issued a NRA Certificate which meets the qualification for obtaining or renewing your concealed weapon permit per the requirements of the State of Colorado. This course will help you become much more proficient in your defensive handgun skills. Also, on Saturday during our lunch, a representative of US LAWSHIELD will give a presentation on gun laws in Colorado and explain the legal protection plans for gun owners that are available through US LAWSHIELD.

Subjects that will be covered are:

  • Safe and efficient drawing and re-holstering techniques
  • Efficient reloading techniques for both pistols and revolvers
  • Shooting while moving
  • Using cover
  • Extreme close-range shooting techniques (hip shooting, point shooting, etc.)
  • The balance between speed and precision
  • Jam clearance exercises
  • Projecting authority and de-escalation techniques

You will need:

  • A minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition, preferably 300 if possible – purchase target or practice ammunition, not hollowpoints, self-defense, or expensive hunting rounds.
  • Bring a minimum of 10 dummy rounds for your caliber with you. (These are non-firing plastic rounds that we use to practice clearing your handgun in case of a misfire. Call me if you need help getting this.
  • A quality semi-auto pistol or revolver. No single action revolvers or rimfire handguns for this course. If you have any questions about this, please call me.
  • A minimum of 2 magazines for your semi-auto or 1 or more speed loaders (or speed strips) for your revolver.
  • If you can, bring a magazine holder for semi-auto pistols or a speed loader for your revolver.
  • A quality strong side outside the waistband hip holster (left or right-handed–no fanny packs, purses, inside the waistband or other holsters may be used for this course due to safety issues in muzzle control on the firing line). This holster should be of strong construction, must cover the trigger, be capable of re-holstering with one hand and firmly retain the firearm. (During one class I had to lend my belt to a student who’s belt broke!)
  • Eye and hearing protection – either plugs or muffs. Electronic muffs let you hear the commands better.
  • A ball cap, sunscreen and clothing appropriate for the weather conditions. Bring a folding camp chair.
  • A light covering garment to hide the sidearm

This course is limited to 10 students. Tuition must be paid up front and is non-refundable unless the class is cancelled for some reason. The tuition for this course is $115.00 per person (this includes book and materials).

To sign up for this course, please contact Laura Negley at (719) 688-5856. Laura can provide links to various websites that provide reviews if you need assistance finding shooting equipment or ammunition.

If you have any questions, feel free to Mike Beecham at (719) 468-9504 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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