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Kiowa County to Offer EMT Courses

By Raina Lucero

October 6, 2022

Beginning Tuesday October 4th, the Kiowa County Emergency Management Services (EMS) will be hosting EMT classes each Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm through 10 pm at the Kiowa County Hospital District training center located at the old senior citizens center on Maine Street in Eads. In an interview, EMS Director Russ Watson tells the Independent that these classes will benefit anyone who wishes to serve as an EMT in Kiowa County or for anyone who holds a valid EMT license and needs to recertify as this class will allow for continuing education credits to be earned.

“Anyone with a valid driver’s license, CPR and first aid certified, who can pass a background check, and pass a drug and alcohol test would be a good candidate for EMT in Kiowa County,” Watson states,

“It is also very important that an individual has the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, can be flexible with the ability to respond to calls. Have good interpersonal skills. Be a team player with a positive attitude.”

Cheyenne County’s EMS director, Scott Nyman will be instructing the course held here in Kiowa County, and individuals from surrounding counties may attend as long as they actively participate with Kiowa County Ambulance Service for a minimum of one year.

This EMT class will include textbook work, ride-a-longs with larger agencies, and even emergency room clinicals so that each participant will get the full experience and training that is required for the position of EMT.

The Kiowa County Hospital District is paying for the course with assistance from grants that have been received so that anyone in the county will be able to become EMT certified at no cost to them. However, after attending the course and becoming certified, there will be a one-year commitment to service the Kiowa County Community.

Watson also indicated, “All employees of Kiowa County Ambulance Service are paid a stipend set by the board of directors for each call. Not all calls qualify for the same stipend amount.”

The class currently has 11 students enrolled and Watson states, “We are always looking for drivers for the ambulance service as well.”

Watson has also indicated that a background check is required to become an EMT, and that it will need to be provided to him prior to participating in the required ride along with the larger agency or the emergency room clinicals.

Currently Kiowa County has 2 EMTs in Haswell area, 6 EMTs in the Eads area, 2 EMTs in the Sheridan Lake/Towner area. The real problem being short staffed is there is no on-call schedule for EMTs in Kiowa County. However, that is the end goal as more personnel is gained through the classes offered.

Watson assures,

“We do have coverage at this time, but we’re looking to always gain more EMT’s across the county.”

If someone is interested in taking the class, they can contact Watson at (719)928-1596 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if there is still time and availability.

Watson sites the following as to why someone should stive to become an EMT:

“Becoming an EMT is a positive way to actively participate and provide a much-needed service to anyone who resides in Kiowa County and anyone traveling through Kiowa County.”

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