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2022 Midterm Election Recap: Local, State, National

By Raina Lucero

November 16, 2022

The polls closed in the 2022 Midterm elections at 7 PM on November 8th here in Colorado as interested and concerned voters alike awaited results for the local, state, and national elections. A “red wave” was predicted to occur as the GOP was hopeful to sweep not only Senate seats but House seats across the country and come out as majority leaders in both the Upper and Lower bodies of Congress.

Local Election Results

In Southeastern Colorado, Kiowa County saw high voter turnout, Delisa Weeks, Kiowa County Clerk and Recorder stated, “We sent out 988 ballots to registered electors in the county and we received 777 of those ballots back.” This is a 78.54% voter turnout for Kiowa County.

The results for Kiowa County may not surprise anyone as the vast majority of the county traditionally votes Republican. In the only contested race for Kiowa County, our current County Treasurer, Diana Flory was up against a write-in candidate Stephanie Sewell. Sewell received 69 votes to Flory’s 615.

Delisa Weeks (Clerk and Recorder), Marci Miller (Assessor), Michael Lening and Butch Robertson (Commissioners), and Jimmy Brown (Coroner) all ran unopposed in Kiowa County.

Due to a large number of ballots being sent to adjudication by the Dominion Voting Machine, the Kiowa County results took hours longer than normal to announce. The Colorado Secretary of State Official Website shows that in Kiowa County there were a large number of ballots that had “undervotes” which is when a candidate or a question is left blank on the ballot.

Most of these adjudications were for the 8 Supreme Court of Appeals Judges, however the total votes for each race shows that there were many undervotes in our county races as well. Two races of note included unopposed Kiowa County Sheriff race receiving a total of 219 Undervotes, Unopposed Kiowa County Commissioner District 2 received 212 undervotes, and there were others as well.

All results are available on the Colorado Secretary of State website: results.enr.clarityelections.com/CO/115903/web.307039/#/summary.

When filling out your ballot, leaving a race unmarked will flag that ballot by the Dominion Machine and require them to be adjudicated or viewed by the election judges. When the judge verifies that there are no issues and a race was left blank, it is noted and reran through the machine. Which is why when hundreds of ballots were sent to adjudication in Kiowa County there was a delay in getting our local results.

Cheyenne County sent out 1,276 ballots and had 898 ballots cast for 70.38% voter turnout. There were no contested races in Cheyenne County. The following are the unofficial results from the 2022 midterm in Cheyenne County, Ron Smith, Commissioner, Allison Brown, Clerk and Recorder, Gaila Mitchek, Treasurer, Michael Buchanan, Sheriff, and Raymond Kern, County Coroner.

State Election Results

According to the Colorado Secretary of State there are 3,824,739 active voters in Colorado, of those voters there were 2,446,256 ballots cast for the midterm elections making the voter turnout for the entire state of Colorado to be 63.96%.

Colorado Incumbent governor Jared Polis, a Democrat, is set to serve a second term as the governor after winning reelection Tuesday night. Early voting results revealed that Polis held a strong lead, with 59 % of the vote. As many Republican voters were planning to vote in person on election day. Heidi Ganahl the Republican candidate for Governor trailed by more than 250,000 votes as of 8:15 p.m. The Associated Press called the race for Polis less than an hour of poll closing. Polis beat Ganahl by more than 450,000 votes. Ganahl conceded with less than half of the votes counted.

Other state offices also went to the Democrat candidates such as Treasurer, Attorney General, and Secretary of State which keeps Colorado in a Democratic Trifecta and Democratic Triplex. The Democratic Party controls the offices of governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and both chambers of the state legislature. In fact, their hold on the state got even stronger as the Republicans lost two senate seats and five house seats in the election.

The last race in Colorado which a winner has yet to be called is CD 3 where Representative Lauren Bobert is leading the Democrat challenger Adam Frisch by just 1,122 votes or .3% as of press time Monday November 14. Bobert, who has been a firecracker under the seat of many liberals since before her first bid for congress in 2020 as a bar and grill owner in Rifle, Colorado refusing to close down when Governor Polis issued orders for all non-essential businesses to close through the pandemic.

It is reported that on Monday there were still thousands of ballots to count in that race as many ballots have until Thursday to come in and be counted if they belong to those who are in the military or live overseas. There are also many ballots that need to be cured which must be done by Thursday as well or they will not be counted. At this time the Associated Press does not predict a winner announced until after that Thursday deadline.

Rod Pelton won by a landslide in Colorado District 35 and received large support from his home county of Cheyenne County getting 92.5% of the voters support there.

For all state results you can visit the Colorado Secretary of State Office website and see results listed by county and by the state as a whole.

National Election News

As soon as polls began to open all across the United States, reports of mass instances of voting trouble began to be reported. There were reports of voting centers running out of paper ballots, to mass failure of voting machines working correctly, turning on, or tabulating votes correctly. It just so happens that the largest issue of voting day trouble happened in Maricopa County, Arizona, which of course has been made famous from the 2020 election fraud that occurred there.

A “technological glitch” affected polling sites throughout Maricopa County Tuesday caused some voters to have to place their ballots in a box to be transported to the county Elections Department, rather than be tabulated on site. The issue affected approximately 67 polling locations and prompted questions from locals and people around the country about the county’s election procedures.

Maricopa County election officials say an estimated 94,000 ballots are left to be counted. The count is almost 94% complete, with several races still too close to call. The latest numbers were expected to be released at approximately 6 p.m. Monday.

According to the Associated Press, Nevada incumbent Senator Caterine Cortez Masto, was declared the winner Saturday of her highly and very closely contested race against Republican Adam Laxalt. This result marks the guarantee of power to the Democrats in the US Senate. A runoff election has been scheduled for December 6 in Georgia, between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock for the senate seat there.

Cortez Masto’s victory in Nevada means that the Georgia Senate runoff election between Warnock and Walker will only determine how large of an advantage the Democrats will have in the chamber. Though there will likely be a 50/50 split between the two parties in the Upper House of the United States Congress, a 51st tie-breaker vote will be needed. This vote will come from the current United States Vice President, Kamala Harris which will allow President Joe Biden to advance his agenda through that body.

In Florida, incumbent governor Ron Desantis beat his opponent easily, however this is not the main story to come from Florida. Prior to the election Desantis put into action several steps to ensure that his state’s elections are free fair and accurate. Florida has done away with mass mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, and has an election police force. Due to these efforts, a much different election picture emerged as the Florida Republicans won by large margins even in areas that historically voted blue.

Across the country there were upsets, landslides, and barn burners, while the results thus far and those that are forecasted may not signal the epic “red wave” that the GOP had hoped for.

There has not been a declared winner of the House of Representatives as of press time Monday November 14 as there are still 11 House races across the country which have not been called including Colorado’s own battleground CD 3.

Currently the Republicans have secured 215 of the 218 to control the House of Representatives, Democrats have a total of 201 seats secured but with counting still happening all over the country it could be any one’s ballgame.

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