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Eads News Network Episode 1

January 24, 2017

Lou Turner moved to our little town from New York a few months ago.  You might have seen him around town filming various places and individuals.  This is his first episode of the Eads News Network, and we are happy to be apart of it!


Coming in February, on the next edition of the “Eads News Network” entitled “Love Eads” we visit with the local people, places, and things that go on in the town of Eads.  From festivals to local entertainment, businesses and people, the locals share their funny moments as well as what they think about small town living.  We see how fun small towns can be and what a great place Kiowa County and Colorado is to live.  Watch for the “Love Eads” on YouTube and search for “Eads News Network episode 2” in February.

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