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“Come and Take It”: Colorado Republicans React to New Semi-Automatic Gun Ban Measure Brought to the Legislative Floor

By Raina Lucero

March 8, 2023

Proposed by James Madison, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified in 1791 and allowed the creation of civilian forces which shall counteract a tyrannical federal government.

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” -Second Amendment United States Constitution

When the Second Amendment was written and later ratified, the goal was to protect the individual rights of the States from the Federal Government, however in modern times, the civilian citizens of many states are not only tasked with keeping the Feds at bay, but their own state’s lawmakers as well.

The following is a letter from the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners dated March 6, 2023 in response to newly introduced HB23-1230, which would prohibit assault weapons in Colorado and defines the term “assault weapon” and prohibits sales and ownership transfers. The letter states in-part:

“Late last week, Rep. Elisabeth Epps and Sen. Rhonda Fields introduced House Bill 1230, legislation which bans the sale of commonly owned semi-automatic firearms in the state of Colorado.

“Under the Colorado Democrats’ proposal, large swaths of semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns would face a California-style prohibition. Branded as an “assault weapons” ban, Epps’ and Fields’ legislation effectively restricts the sale, transfer, importation, and manufacturing of many commonly owned firearms classified as an ‘assault weapon.’

“In last year’s landmark Bruen decision, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected “intermediate scrutiny” the cost/benefit analysis framework that allowed lower courts to rule against the Second Amendment – and established that the standard for applying the Second Amendment is the text, history, and tradition of the right to keep and bear arms; RMGO has already claimed several legal victories under the Bruen decision.

“Today, I call on all Colorado gun owners to join Rocky Mountain Gun Owners in the fight to save the Second Amendment in Colorado – we have the high ground based on last summer’s landmark United State Supreme Court Case, and if we can’t beat the power-hungry anti-gunners in the legislature, I promise RMGO will sue and win in the courts,” concluded Rhodes.

Another response letter dated March 6, 2023 was released from Kristi Burton Brown, Chairwoman of the Colorado Republican Party. Her letter states in-part,

“Our republic was founded on the Constitution—as it was written, not as the Democrat socialists want to re-invent it today. Drunk on their power, Colorado Democrats continue to launch a full-out assault on our 2nd Amendment. Once convicted and sentenced to jail time for interfering with police, Rep. Elisabeth Epps is interfering with our constitutional rights. Her newly introduced bill—which officially came out Friday night—shows her plan: she wants to ban guns she doesn’t like in Colorado.

“Let’s boldly call this what it is: unconstitutional, dangerous, and anti-woman.

“Epps is specifically trying to ban some semi-automatic pistols – a very common type of gun that many women, specifically, use for self-defense. The 10 most popular guns purchased by women in 2020 were ALL semi-automatic pistols. This bill is anti-woman. Like Rep. Joe Salazar, maybe Rep. Epps believes women should only have dog whistles to defend themselves.

“If you already own one of these guns, it doesn’t mean your rights are protected. Epps’ bill makes many types of guns illegal—including ones that Coloradans use with concealed carry permits.

“Epps’ bill says that guns women use for self-defense are too dangerous for them to handle. She’s written: “in civilian hands [they] endanger Colorado’s…communities at large.” It’s no longer violent criminals who put us all in danger. It’s no longer Epps herself – who’s actually served jail time for committing a crime. It’s YOU. Man or woman, former law enforcement or military, if you’re seeking to defend yourself or your family, the Democrats call you a danger.”

Part 6 from HB23-1230 as introduced reads, “(f) assault weapons in civilian hands endanger Colorado’s streets, stores, restaurants, places of worship, music venues, schools, movie theaters, and communities at large. with an assault weapon, even a firearms novice can perpetrate a mass casualty incident.”

It remains to be seen whether the measure will have enough support from Colorado Democrats, including leaders on the issue, the measure could divide the Democratic Gun Violence Prevention Caucus. It has been reported that Rep. Andrew Boesenecker, Democrat from Fort Collins was listed as a prime sponsor in previous drafts, but his name is no longer on House Bill 1230 which is sponsored by Rep. Elisabeth Epps, D-Denver and Sen. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora.

Colorado Republican lawmakers have taken to Twitter and other social handles to express their concern and utter disapproval over the newest egregious piece of gun legislation that has hit the floor of the 74th General Assembly since the regular session convened just 3 short months ago.

One in particular, Representative Matt Soper (R) from Mesa County tweeted this:

“Come and take it! They’ll have to invade the West Slope and murder us if they intend on us being defenseless! We will NOT bow to tyrants and those who seek to disarms us need to be prepared for civil war!”

You can find all Colorado Representative contact information at this web address, Please take the time to contact your representatives, especially Democrat Representatives, and urge them to leave HB23-1230 dead in the water.

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