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Many children, parents and even grandparents enjoyed the beautiful weather and at the annual Community Easter Hunt in Eads on Saturday, April 3, 2022.
Kristina Uhland

Community Easter Egg Hunt in Eads on April 8: the Easter Bunny Is Coming to Town

By Raina Lucero

March 15, 2023

In just a few days, spring will have sprung as we begin to see the green grass and even some flowers begin to sprout their tentative heads from the cold once frozen ground. Life anew will surface and bring sounds of children outside playing in the warmer weather.

When spring comes, the elusive Easter Bunny doesn’t hop too far behind, bringing pastel and brightly colored eggs filled with treats for all the girls and boys. This year, the Easter Bunny will be coming to Eads on Saturday April 8th at 2 pm at the Kiowa County Courthouse lawn. Make sure to arrive early to scope out where each age division will be located.

Riki Berry-Cordova, has been spearheading the event for several years since it began and her team of community volunteers have already been busy collecting donations for this year’s Community Easter Egg Hunt. Riki announced on the Facebook event page for the Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt, “Shout out to the Kiowa County Hospital District for partnering with me and so many of the local businesses to bring the Bunny to town again! We want to be your child’s “first” Easter picture too! Thanks to the Kiowa County Recreation District, we have little stuffed bunnies for them too!!”

Berry goes on to state that every child who attends the event will also receive a chocolate bunny from the Easter Bunny, which have been donated by the Kiowa County Hospital District along with a gift certificate from local sponsors and donors such as, Crow’s Grocery Store Icee tickets, movies, ice cream, popcorn, pop or candy tickets from Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center, pizza certificates from Hometown Gas & Grill, and swim passes from Prairie Pines Assisted Living. “Please, please, please when you’re supporting local businesses give them an extra thank you for helping make this hunt so awesome!”

Age groups for the Community Easter Egg Hunt are as follows and may change depending on the number of children who attend: Walking-3 years old; Preschool-Kindergarten; and 1st-5th grade.

If you would like to help/donate please reach out to Riki at719-688-1370. Any donated eggs should be filled with prepackaged candy or prizes. The last day to give donated items is March 31st.

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