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Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and Other Colorado Lawmakers Address a Record Crowd

By Raina Lucero

March 22, 2023

On Saturday March 18 more than 300 people gathered to attend the Otero County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner at the Valley Trading Post Event Center in La Junta, Colorado.

The largest crowd to date gathered on Saturday to honor the Otero Republican Party and their elected Republican officials at their annual Lincoln Day Dinner. The event, which requires a ticket for admission, sold out within the first 5 days of tickets going on sale; which speaks volumes to the support and the level of involvement the members there have within their county Republican party.

Another reason for the fast grab on the Lincoln Day tickets may also be due to the keynote speaker scheduled for the event, United States Congresswoman, Lauren Boebert. Boebert represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, which encompasses most of the rural Western Slope, with a tendril in the south taking in some of the southern portions of the Eastern Plains. At the midterm election last November, Boebert narrowly beat out her Democrat opponent, Adam Frisch, by a slim 500 votes after a recount was performed.

Before the event kicked off Congresswoman Boebert stood at the first table inside the door where she was signing books and taking photos with people as they entered. She also took the time to visit with as many people as she could. When the event center filled, the event began with an opening prayer and was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance which was led by the children of Ty Winter who is a freshman Colorado Congressman representing the 47th Congressional District. Once a large bounty of brisket and chicken was served, Congressman Lauren Boebert took the stage for her keynote address to the attendees.

Boebert, a Republican firebrand whose reputation precedes her began her speech with all the enthusiasm you would expect from the outspoken Congresswoman from Rifle, Colorado. She detailed her position during the contentious Speaker of the House vote that went to 15 ballots before Kevin McCarthy of California finally won the Speakership after making many concessions to the group of 19 Republicans, including Boebert who stood their ground asking for more out of the House of Representatives Rules Package.

She then explained that because of that rules package and the ability for one member of the House to motion to vacate the speakership Speaker McCarthy has had to live up to the promises that he made not only to his fellow Congressmen and women but the American people as well. For instance, releasing the January 6th footage which shows that the grand insurrection was more of a Capitol Police tour guided event than domestic attack. Boebert says, “I was there that day at the Capitol, and I have been telling everyone since the events that took place were nothing like they were hyped up to be on CNN and other news organizations. Even though we have seen that many of those who entered the Capitol building were being led by police, there are still hundreds of Americans locked in DC jails that have yet to even have a hearing or even allowed to place bail.”

When a member of the crowd hollered to the stage, “THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!” Boebert calmed her voice and looked to the upset attendee and said, “We are trying. We are going to work on the DC Police and getting back to law and order the way it is supposed to be. The United States Capitol Police is overseen by the Capitol Police Board and has Congressional oversight, not the mayor of DC.”

Boebert talked on gun rights and the reintroduction of Wolves. She has already passed amendments on the House Floor with bipartisan support to begin getting work done in many areas. “Governor Polis will be making a run for President in 2024 and lucky for us in Colorado he is not letting too many radical bills through because he knows that assault weapons bans will not poll well with the people of the nation.”

Boebert was pressed for time as her district liaison kept trying to get her off stage, but she could not leave until she talked more about the work that is being done in the people’s House. She needed to get to Denver to catch a flight back to DC where she would be working with others to propose budget cuts, “We are working to propose a budget that will defund woke programs, services, and organizations that go against the American way of life. We are going to tell the lobbyists, if you go woke, you go broke.”

Before leaving the stage, the Congresswoman boasted that rural Colorado is lucky to have Ty Winter in the House representing Congressional District 47 and Rod Pelton representing Colorado’s Senate District 35.

Her exit from the stage was in near unison with Representative Ty Winter and Senator Rod Pelton returning to the event center as they left earlier to make a quick trip to Ordway, Colorado to attend Crowley Counties “Meat in Day”. Upon their return Winter came to the stage, and though Boebert is a tough act to follow, Winter did just that.

Winter talked about the gun legislation that has been coming through the House and the radical bills that he and other Republicans are fighting even though they are the underdogs. With being underdogs the only way that they can make a difference is to stall some bills that they cannot get any help from the other side to fight against. Recently Winter and other Colorado House Republicans held a 20-hour filibuster on the House floor to do all they could to stall legislation that would require a 3-day waiting period to purchase firearms.

“Even though the bill passed through the House we gave it our all. Governor Polis will be looking to run for President in 2024 so with any luck he will block most of the radical legislation that comes through because it will not poll well with Americans.”

Winter ended his speech by telling everyone, “We need to vote Republican at each election and start building a red wall around rural Colorado to protect our children and our way of life, then we can tell woke politicians to stay out!”

Senator Rod Pelton came next to the stage reiterating many of the same points Boebert and Winter made with one statement made by each of them now sticking out like a sore thumb, “We are seeing such radical gun legislation that Governor Polis won’t even back it up because it doesn’t poll well with his supporters when he runs for President in 2024.”

Pelton went on to say, “We are fighting other bills coming through like some abortion legislation because the one they passed last year wasn’t quite radical enough for them.”

When the speeches were over the event moved forward with winners for the silent auction announced, a live 2nd Amendment auction, followed by live music and a dance to end the evening.

Stephanie Garbo President of the Otero Republican Party had this to say about the event, “We are overwhelmed by the turnout and positive response at our SOLD-OUT Lincoln Day Dinner this year. So much gratitude to everyone who made last night possible! First of all, Caitlin Hansen & Valley Trading Post Event Center we are so honored to have been able to use your beautiful facility, and your food was AMAZING!!! Thank you, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend time with us... take pictures, signing books, visiting with your constituents and speaking. Television can’t capture the Light that shines through you, in person, and in real life. We love and appreciate you.”

“Thank you also to Representative Ty Winter and State Senator Rod Pelton for coming back from another event and giving us your updates on the legislative fight you continue to show up for every day in Denver. You have energized us, and we are beyond blessed to have all of you representing our districts in Colorado. Otero Sheriff Shawn Mobley, thank you for once again, facilitating the 2A Friendly Auction. It never disappoints! Thank you to the Otero County Colorado Republican Women for all your hard work setting up and managing gathering donations and handling the silent auction tonight. Anne Boswell Taylor... Not all heroes wear capes, my friend. Thank you for taking the mic so I didn’t have to. Your voice and confidence are a gift, and I am forever grateful for you. Finally, thank you Kyle Hirakata and the Bootleggers for your phenomenal musical talent. You topped off an amazing night and we appreciate you more than you will ever know.”

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