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Congratulations to the 2023 Golden Plains Insurance Scholarship Recipient, Piper Belle Rae Sorter

By Administrator

May 10, 2023

Annually, Golden Plains Insurance grants a scholarship to a graduating senior who exhibits dedication towards their community, educational establishment, faith, and academic pursuits. This year, the Scholarship Nominating Committee received over 35 exceptional applications, exhibiting both quantity and quality. Following extensive evaluation, the committee identified a commendable young lady, who demonstrated remarkable leadership and commitment to community service. Therefore, Golden Plains Insurance is delighted to grant Piper Sorter from Eads, Colorado with our educational scholarship award. In honor of our ten-year anniversary, this year’s scholarship value is set at $2000.00.

Piper Belle Rae Sorter was chosen based on her adherence to the guidelines established in the scholarship application. The guidelines mandated the submission of an official high school transcript (which showcased her impressive 3.892 GPA), as well as three outstanding letters of recommendation. The attached letters eloquently portrayed her dedication to her family, school, and faith. Furthermore, applicants were required to provide a comprehensive autobiographical statement that explained why they were a suitable candidate for the scholarship and what their educational and career aspirations entailed. In her submitted letter, Piper skillfully covered all the requirements, demonstrating exceptional clarity and detail.

Piper Belle Rae Sorter has been admitted to Oklahoma State University and intends to pursue a major in Animal Science and Pre-Veterinary Medicine within the esteemed Ferguson College of Agriculture. In her autobiographical statement, Piper eloquently expressed, “Being around family and animals was considered normal for us, and that’s when I found my profound love and passion for Veterinary science.” The Scholarship Committee at Golden Plains is confident that Piper Belle Rae Sorter, driven by her passion for education and community, will utilize the scholarship to achieve the best possible outcome.

Golden Plains Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency with a full portfolio of insurance products using many different underwriters allowing them to find the best coverage at a competitive value for their clients. They have five (5) offices in southeast Colorado: Eads (719) 438-5629, Lamar (719) 336-8292, Springfield (719) 523-1892, Rocky Ford (719) 336-8292, and Walsh (719) 324-5212.

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