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Strengthening Healthcare Bonds: A Glimpse into Dr. Sadia Bashir’s Community Interaction

By Administrator

August 30, 2023

In a heartwarming display of community engagement, Dr. Sadia Bashir, a passionate advocate of rural healthcare, recently met with local residents at the Eads Senior Citizens center on August 21, 2023. This meaningful encounter allowed community members and hospital personnel alike to gain valuable insights into Dr. Bashir’s journey and vision for healthcare, fostering a stronger bond between medical professionals and the people they serve. Dr. Bashir is the second of three medical doctors who are being considered to become a full-time doctor with the Kiowa County Hospital District.

Among those present were key hospital personnel including CEO Beth Bell, Renee Crain, Beth Spady, and Jodi Stolzenberger. A dozen interested community members were present, as well, to listen to and ask questions of Dr. Bashir.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Dr. Bashir’s roots as a first-generation college graduate and doctor add depth to her dedication. Born to immigrant parents from Pakistan, she pursued her education in New York state before embarking on her medical journey. Her internship took her from the plains of Northeast Jonesborough, Arkansas, to the heart of Mississippi. Further enriching her experiences, Dr. Bashir’s professional path has traversed states like Michigan, all while carrying out her residency in Kirksville, MO.

What distinguishes Dr. Bashir is her steadfast commitment to rural healthcare. With a wealth of experience spanning various regions, she understands the nuances of rural healthcare and the multifaceted challenges it poses. Driven by her profound belief in the significance of lasting patient relationships, she aspires to work in a rural hospital. Unlike the impersonal nature of large medical centers, she values the opportunity to nurture enduring connections with her patients, focusing on wellness and health rather than merely treating ailments.

Dr. Bashir specializes in Family Medicine but has explored a myriad of medical domains. Her current role involves collaborating with nursing homes and guiding new medical students to be attentive and empathetic towards their patients. Recognizing the limited monthly interactions that medical students have with patients, she emphasizes the importance of addressing concerns promptly to prevent issues from escalating.

Her extensive experience encompasses roles in the ER, hospital in-patient care, detention centers, high school sports, CPR classes, and obstetrics (OB). Dr. Bashir’s dedication to addressing prevalent health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes underscores her commitment to improving her patients’ overall well-being.

Remarkably, Dr. Bashir is working towards a trauma license, a testament to her unwavering pursuit of excellence. While the Kiowa County Hospital District (KCHD) might not be a trauma certified facility, her efforts demonstrate determination to provide the best possible care to her community.

The meaning behind her name, “Fortune and Good Luck,” mirrors her positive impact on the lives she touches. As a first-generation college graduate and doctor, her journey embodies perseverance and dedication to making a difference in healthcare.

On Tuesday August 22 the KCHD held their normal monthly meeting at the Cobble Stone Inn and Suites in Eads, unveiled plans that mirror Dr. Bashir’s ideals, revealing a shared vision for a future marked by personalized healthcare, community collaboration, and proactive well-being.

As the hospital district board convened, noteworthy discussions emerged. A partnership with Wipley went under contract, along with comprehensive market analysis, signaled the district’s commitment to evolving healthcare. Their intent to conduct a survey for programmatic hospital plans and community input echoes Dr. Bashir’s emphasis on patient engagement. Additionally, ongoing efforts, such as Bell’s attendance at a conference and the Provider Accessibility Affordability grant, underline KCHD’s strides towards enhancing healthcare access.

Moreover, the exploration of telehealth’s evolution in the post-COVID landscape resonates with Dr. Bashir’s ethos of forging meaningful patient relationships. While the meeting delved into various aspects of KCHD’s progress, the underlying theme remained consistent: the quest for accessible, patient-centric healthcare, a sentiment shared by Dr. Bashir herself.