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Lori (Weirich) Elder, Eads High School graduate, (center) and Jessica Young (right) are heading the Hope Anchored project for the Tribune Assembly. They are pictured here with a clothing wholesaler.

Hope Anchored Introduced by Tribune Assembly

By Christy Hopkins, Greeley County Republican

November 1, 2023

In conjunction with the 90th anniversary celebration at the Tribune Assembly of God Church this past weekend, the church has introduced a new ministry, titled Hope Anchored.

Hope Anchored will provide access to free on-trend, new clothing in a private, dignified way to children in foster care across Kansas and Colorado.

“Many times, children enter foster care with few clothes and the clothing they do have is often times tattered and worn,” said Lori (Weirich) Elder, one of the project’s leaders. “It is our prayer that by providing them on-brand, new clothing that matches their peers, in a private shopping experience curated for them, brings joy and hope during the storm they’re facing!”

From a classily retrofitted box trailer modified by the men’s construction team at the Tribune Assembly, foster children will have an opportunity for their own 30-minute curated shopping experiences. The ministry strives to restore dignity to children in crisis.

According to Elder, the term anchor is used in scripture metaphorically to represent God and faith, that which keeps us steadfast and gives us hope during the trials and storms of life.

The ministry’s name is based on a Bible verse, Hebrews 6:19, which describes hope as the “anchor for our soul.”

“Storms may come, but hope remains,” said Elder. “God has a special place in His heart for the orphan. In fact, the bible says He is a father to them. All people understand what a good father should be, even if their own father wasn’t ideal. God presents Himself as a Father—someone who loves, cherishes, protects, and values His children.”

The Assembly of God Church in Tribune will work with area foster care agencies and foster parents to ensure the proper sizes and products. The team is working with wholesale vendors to secure cost-effective clothing for the ministry.

Elder says the idea was partially inspired by this summer’s mission trip.

“The mission trip to Alaska spurred, our men’s construction team forward. They wanted to complete a project here in Tribune to serve the foster children that are many times forgotten,” said Elder.

For more information about Hope Anchored, connect with Lori Elder at (719) 688-8652 or Jessica Young at (620) 376-8961. You can also follow Hope Anchored online at

Monetary donations are currently being accepted to purchase clothing form wholesale vendors. Private tours are available upon request.

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