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DOT Physicals Available at Eads Medical Clinic

By Administrator

January 26, 2024

Commercial drivers play a vital role not only in their safety but also in the safety of the general public. It’s imperative to ensure that commercial vehicle drivers maintain optimal mental, physical, and emotional fi tness to guarantee safe operation. To obtain and preserve a commercial driver’s license (CDL), undergoing Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals is mandatory. The Eads Medical Clinic is off ering these comprehensive exams, and if all requirements are passed it is valid for up to 24 months. The exam will include a health history review and full physical to assess fi tness and eligibility for a CDL. While the physical does entail a full ‘under the hood’ check-up–blood pressure check, vision, refl exes, heart, lungs, and urinalysis–the medical examiners strive to make it a pleasant experience from start to fi nish. Once the exam is completed the results will be given to the applicant and sent to the National Registry of Certifi ed Medical Examiners. If results pass the applicant will receive the certifi cate used to prove CDL eligibility. DOT exam appointments can be scheduled by calling the Eads Medical Clinic at 719-438-2251. The clinic is located at 1211 Luther St.

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