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Southeast Colorado Power Brings the Switch to Eads Elementary Students

By Anne Boswell

February 16, 2024

Eads Elementary students had the chance to learn more about electricity during a special presentation this month. Tri-State G&T’s Michelle Pastor engaged the classes with hands-on activities to show the power of electricity. She included how electricity is made and the channels it travels from the power plant to the generation and transmission plant to the electric cooperative to the end user.

“Electricity is lazy, it just wants to get to the ground,” Pastor told the group. She furthered that it would use a person to travel to the ground given the chance. And it’s also very dangerous and warned the students to always stay away from power lines.

The favored activity of the day was the Van de Graaff Generator which generates static electricity through the body when touched causing hair to almost stand up on end.

Tri-State Generation & Transmission offers the “Story Behind the Switch” education presentation to its members’ school districts. Southeast Colorado Power Association is a member of Tri-State and collaborated with Tri-State for the visit to Eads.

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