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Hopping into Spring: Eads Gears Up for the 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

By Raina Lucero

March 22, 2024

As the last traces of winter melt away, the vibrant spirit of spring blooms in the air, painting the world in hues of green and pastel. And what better way to welcome this season of renewal than with the joyous festivities of the 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Eads, Colorado?

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 30th, at 1:30 PM, as the Kiowa County Courthouse lawn transforms into a haven of laughter, excitement, and, of course, Easter magic. Led by the persistent Riki Berry-Cordova and her dedicated team of community volunteers, this year’s egg hunt promises to be an event to remember.

The star of the show, none other than the elusive Easter Bunny himself, will make his grand entrance precisely at 1:30 PM, ready to spread cheer and delight among the little ones. So, gather your family and friends, and don’t forget to arrive early to secure the best vantage point for this egg-stravaganza!

But wait, there’s more! Thanks to the unwavering support of local businesses and individuals, this year’s Easter Egg Hunt is poised to be bigger and better than ever before. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Crow’s Grocery Store, Prairie Pines Senior Living Community, Kiowa County Hospital District, Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center and many more businesses for their generous contributions, ensuring that every bunny will receive not only chocolate treats but also delightful surprises from around town.

Picture this: chocolate bunnies brimming with goodies, gift cards to local businesses, and the infectious laughter of children echoing throughout the courthouse lawn. It’s a scene straight out of a storybook, made possible by the collective efforts of a caring community.

And let’s not forget the main event—the Easter Egg Hunt itself! With age groups ranging from walking to elementary-aged children, there’s a hunt for everyone. Who knows what treasures await discovery amidst the sea of colorful eggs? The thrill of the hunt awaits, beckoning eager participants to join in the search for hidden treasures.

If you’re feeling inspired to spread even more Easter joy, why not lend a helping hand? Whether through donations or volunteering your time, every contribution makes a difference in creating unforgettable memories for the children of Eads.

So, dear friends, as we bid farewell to winter’s chill and embrace the warmth of spring, let us come together to celebrate the spirit of community, camaraderie, and, most importantly, the joy of Easter. See you at the 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt—where every hop brings us closer to fun-filled memories and endless smiles!

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