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Musician with Deep Roots in Kiowa County Hits the Top 25 in Texas

By Betsy Barnett

April 12, 2024

Rhett Uhland is no stranger to folks in Eads, and far beyond the county lines of Kiowa County, as well. Uhland grew up in Eads and attended Eads schools. While growing up he became well known for his ability to sing and perform on stage. From a very young age he was on the stage at the Maine Street Bash summer festivals each year and eventually spread his wings and flew the nest for Texas where he attended school, yes, but also focused strongly on his music.

While in Texas he got into songwriting and he also put together a band, Rhett Uhland & The Morning Shakes, that now travels Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado playing in large and small venues alike. Rhett’s songwriting has developed at a rapid pace. He writes about what he knows. His song entitled “Hard Way of Living” is about farming and small-town life—something he grew up doing.

Last week, his song “Headed South” hit #1 on the 95.7 KPUR Texas Top 25 Countdown which comes out of Amarillo, Texas. Rhett says that song is basically about the long drive he had when he was working in Plainview, Texas.

Now that Rhett has made a name for himself, he has been able to produce his newest song that was released April 1st called “Painted Faces.”

Rhett’s phenomenal success in songwriting was noted when he was a semifinalist in the Larry Joe Taylor songwriter’s contest as he competed with more than 200 other entries making the Top 10.

Rhett Uhland has come a long way since he was on the Bash Stage on Maine Street in Eads. He and his full band are doing a show on May 25 at The Lost Dog down in Springfield. Fans might consider making the short trek down south to support Rhett. Make sure to also download his music at any one of the music apps available.