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Thousands of Republicans from around the state convene at the Southwest Motors Events Center for the Colorado Republican Party Assembly.

Colorado GOP Assembly Weekend: Shifting Dynamics

By Raina Lucero

April 12, 2024

The weekend of April 5th and 6th marked a pivotal moment for the Colorado GOP with two crucial assemblies held at the Southwest Motor Event Center in Pueblo. Friday, April 5th saw the gathering of Colorado’s congressional districts, notably Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. Other lower assemblies also branched out including House District 47 where a unanimous acclamation of Representative Ty Winter, assistant minority leader at the state capitol, was placed onto the Primary Ballot by every HD47 delegate.

In the spotlight of Friday’s assembly was the 4th Congressional District where U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s resolute victory captured attention. Despite recently undergoing surgery, Boebert’s fervent dedication to her constituents shone through as she secured the top spot on the Republican primary ballot. Her memorable declaration, “I said I don’t care if I have to go to that assembly on a stretcher!” resonated with the fired-up crowd.

The competitive landscape of the assembly spotlighted the intricate pathways to the primary ballot. With candidates having three options – petition signatures, delegate support, or a hybrid approach – Boebert’s triumph showcased the importance of strategic campaigning. Notably, former state Sen. Ted Harvey’s reliance solely on the assembly process ended in disappointment, highlighting the complexities candidates face.

While Boebert had already secured a spot on the primary ballot through petition, others like Deborah Flora and Mike Lynch opted for this route, bypassing the assembly. Additionally, Rep. Holtorf’s successful petition was announced on Thursday, April 11th. However, several candidates, including Jerry Sonenberg, awaited confirmation on their petition submissions, underscoring the intricacies of the electoral process.

The upcoming primary elections in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District symbolize broader shifts within the state’s political landscape. As the GOP navigates internal divisions and Democrats seize opportunities presented by changing demographics, these races will undoubtedly shape Colorado’s political identity.

Saturday, April 6th, witnessed the Colorado GOP Assembly, showcasing a marked departure from the party’s stance just two years prior. Under the new leadership of Dave Williams, the party narrative has evolved dramatically. The amendment to assembly rules, requiring voter ID, reflects a growing sense of distrust and mirrors broader sentiments echoing throughout the political landscape.

The assembly saw a surge of new participants, a testament to Williams’ outreach efforts. The loudest voices advocating for election integrity, America First principles, and Voter ID belonged to first-time delegates and alternates, highlighting a shift in demographics and party priorities.

The keynote address by Colorado Representative Matt Gaetz, standing in for President Trump, reinforced the party’s evolving narrative, emphasizing a unified commitment to its core principles.

As the GOP navigates internal divisions and Democrats capitalize on changing demographics, the outcomes of these races will undoubtedly shape Colorado’s political trajectory.