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Colorado’s Upcoming Primary Election and Special Election: What You Need to Know

By Raina Lucero

May 10, 2024

As anticipation mounts for Colorado’s upcoming primary election, an additional buzz surrounds the special election to fill the Congressional District 4 seat left vacant by Ken Buck earlier this year. Both events, conducted via mail-in ballot, are poised to shape the political landscape of Kiowa County and beyond. Delisa Weeks, Kiowa County Clerk and Recorder, provides essential insights into these significant electoral events, offering voters a comprehensive understanding of what lies ahead.

The certification of ballots by Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold marks a crucial milestone in ensuring the integrity of the voting process. Clerk Weeks underscores the significance of this step, stating, “Ballots have now been certified, ensuring the integrity of the voting process.”

Furthermore, Weeks clarifies the logistics of the ballot distribution process, revealing, “Voters will receive both the primary election ballot and the special election ballot in a single mailing.” She adds, “Notably, the ballot for the Congressional District 4 special election will be located on the back of the regular ballot. Additionally, registered minor party members will receive a ballot specifically for the District 4 vacancy.” This consolidated approach optimizes the voting process and reduces potential confusion for voters, ensuring a more efficient and accessible electoral experience.

Weeks emphasizes the benefits of combining both ballots on a single page, highlighting its potential to streamline processes and reduce costs. She explains, “Putting both ballots on a singular page will ensure the process to vote, mail back, and count votes will be more streamlined and less confusing for voters rather than getting two ballots in the mail.” Moreover, she notes the financial responsibility solely resting on the county for this election, with the exact cost pending programming details. “Unlike some elections where the state assists with costs, this election is solely the responsibility of the county,” she states. “The county anticipates an estimate for the election’s cost. This cost may vary from previous elections due to the inclusion of the special ballot.”

Registered voters can anticipate the arrival of their ballots during the week of June 3rd to June 7th, 2024. To facilitate convenient ballot submission, Kiowa County offers a single drop box located west of the Kiowa County Courthouse front door on Hickman Street, providing a secure option for voters. Additionally, ballots can be mailed back to the Clerk’s office or dropped off in person.

Ensuring smooth participation in the electoral process, Weeks underscores the importance of voter verification. “To ensure that you receive a ballot for this ever-important primary and special election, it is vital that citizens verify their registration details,” she asserts. “We have hopes that voters will log in or call us to make sure they are registered at the correct location. In the Presidential Primary, there were 30+ ballots that were returned due to incorrect addresses. We encourage everyone to log into and make sure their address information is up to date.

Clerk Weeks urges voters to stay informed and engaged. “We have issued election alerts to provide voters with additional details and reminders,” she states. “Furthermore, we encourage voters to reach out via phone or online platforms to address any queries or concerns they may have regarding their registration status or the upcoming elections.” With these measures in place, Kiowa County residents are poised to play an active role in shaping the future of their communities and the nation at large through the power of the ballot.