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Jerry Sonnenberg.
Fort Morgan Times

Who’s Who on the CD4 Ballot: Candidates Vying for Colorado’s Heartland

By Raina Lucero

May 22, 2024

Come June 25, 2024, Colorado’s 4th Congressional District will witness a defining moment as the battleground primary spurred by the resignation of incumbent U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, unfolds. This Republican primary has attracted six notable candidates, each with their unique backgrounds and visions for the district’s future.

Lauren Boebert: As the incumbent U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, Boebert brings a fiery brand of conservatism and a dedication to ‘America First’ policies to the table. Her staunch opposition to President Joe Biden’s immigration policies has earned her accolades from conservative organizations. Boebert’s proactive legislative approach, notably through initiatives like the Pueblo Jobs Act, underscores her commitment to job creation and economic growth. Endorsed by former President Donald Trump, Boebert stands as a steadfast advocate for conservative values.

Deborah Flora: A fresh voice in the political arena, Flora’s background in filmmaking, public speaking, and advocacy informs her platform centered on parental rights, educational freedom, and fiscal responsibility. As a small business owner, Flora emphasizes the need for reducing government spending and addressing immigration issues in line with traditional conservative values. Her dedication to empowering individuals and families resonates with constituents seeking a grassroots-driven approach to governance.

Richard Holtorf: With a distinguished military career and current tenure in the Colorado House of Representatives, Holtorf brings a unique blend of leadership experience and anti-establishment fervor to the race. His commitment to combating inflation and preserving American values against perceived leftist threats resonates strongly with constituents concerned about national security and economic stability. Holtorf’s outsider status and emphasis on grassroots activism appeal to voters disillusioned with conventional politics.

Michael Lynch: Lynch’s military background and leadership roles both in the Army and the Colorado House of Representatives highlight his commitment to service and conservative principles. His advocacy for limited government, border security, and tax reform positions him as a staunch defender of individual rights and national sovereignty. Lynch’s track record of fighting against illegal immigration and advocating for tax relief underscores his dedication to representing the interests of hardworking Coloradans.

Jerry Sonnenberg: With a wealth of legislative experience garnered from his tenure in both the Colorado Senate and House of Representatives, Sonnenberg brings a pragmatic approach to governance rooted in his agricultural background. His platform emphasizes tax reduction, border security, and energy production, reflecting his deep understanding of the district’s economic landscape. Sonnenberg’s track record of fiscal responsibility and commitment to representing rural interests resonates strongly with constituents across the political spectrum.

Peter Yu: Yu’s background as a business executive underscores his focus on economic prosperity and unity within the district. His priorities, including border security, fiscal responsibility, and energy independence, reflect a pragmatic approach to addressing the district’s challenges while fostering growth and opportunity for all constituents. Yu’s emphasis on bridging divides and promoting collaboration resonates with voters seeking effective leadership in Congress.

As the campaign heats up, voters in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District face a critical decision in selecting the individual who best represents their values and interests in Congress. With a diverse array of candidates offering their unique visions for the future, the upcoming Republican primary election promises to shape the district’s trajectory for years to come.

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