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Cheyenne Wells Using Art for Community Improvements

By Betsy Barnett

June 7, 2024

The Town of Cheyenne Wells has been significantly improved, nearly single-handedly, by Some Girls and a Mural. If you haven’t heard about them, you’ve been living with your head in the sand, because they’ve been “Painting the Plains” for the past six years and their community project in Cheyenne Wells represented their 100th mural painted in eastern Colorado.

The idea for putting a better face on Cheyenne Wells came from their leadership at the Town of Cheyenne Wells where they contracted Some Girls and a Mural to design and paint new entry signs, three in all, that will be placed at the entry of the town on the north end on Highway 385 and the east and west entry points on Highway 40.

Kara Uhland, Mayor and outreach coordinator for the Community Growth Alliance, explained the process, “The panels are to replace our entrance signs into Cheyenne Wells. The old ones were looking bad and rusty, so we decided to make new panels to replace them. Some Girls and a Mural were here already painting the early childhood mural, so we contracted with them to paint on the entry signs as well. The new panels showcase most of what we have here in Cheyenne Wells—farming, ranching, oil, and beautiful sunsets in background. Those girls are absolutely talented! The Cheyenne Wells entry signs are their 100th project so that was neat. The entry signage was paid for by the Town of Cheyenne Wells, and paint was donated by Mary Weed. Fabrication work on the three signs was donated by Rex Hyle at JR Oilfield Service.”

Uhland’s reference to the early childhood mural represents the other arts project done by Some Girls and a Mural. It’s a huge mural contracted by the Cheyenne Kiowa Lincoln Early Childhood Council (CKLECC) highlighting children’s literature and early childhood education. The inspiration for that mural came from a photo taken at the Cheyenne County Library depicting two preschool children from the community, a girl and a boy, cuddled up on a bean bag together, each reading their own book.

The mural was painted on the Cheyenne Wells Lumber quonset, the Hoover Hardware building. According to Julie Witt, director of the CKLECC, “We partnered with Some Girls and a Mural to come up with a design that would highlight early childhood education on the eastern plains, but particularly in the counties we serve (Cheyenne, Kiowa, Lincoln). We wanted to include our website on the mural, as well, so that the community knows we are here to help out with needs they may have when it comes to early childhood issues. Our work is growing as we have recently made aggressive moves toward developing a task force geared at solving the childcare crisis, we are facing out here.”

Witt went on to say that CKLECC is also planning on doing this type of mural in Lincoln County in Limon and also in Kiowa County in Eads. They are still trying to nail down the locations for their next murals.


As for the Some Girls and a Mural, Audrey Sayles, one of the artists on the project as well as one of the owners of this popular and profitable business says, “This project was done by CKLECC to help raise awareness of the childcare crisis in our area.” Sayles and her co-artist and business partner Staci Beauford are looking forward to completing the other two CKLECC murals in the area.

They say they got the inspiration for the mural in Cheyenne Wells from a local photo contest held in the town. “The images on the mural come from some of the photos of children from Cheyenne County that we received from that photo contest. The other projects will follow a similar style and will also include local kids. We just really want to capture the joy of childhood and specifically in our area out here on the eastern plains.”

Sayles and Beauford have been “painting the plains” for 6 years now and the Cheyenne Wells job was their 100th. Both girls grew up on farms and besides being very talented and determined artists, they can run the lift and other farm machinery that is sometimes required to get them to the pallet level they need to be on a given project. One of their largest was the mural painted on the huge grain bins coming into Limon on Highway 40.

Being involved in the arts has been a tremendous adventure for these young girls who are making the eastern plains more and more beautiful one mural at a time. The Town of Cheyenne Wells has now been blessed by their artistic endeavors and can now say they were gifted by Some Girls and a Mural.

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