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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Wally and Phyllis Mosher

| Wally and Phyllis Mosher | Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Linly Stum

| Linly Stum | Letters to the Editor
The need for approval of Invenergy’s application is, in my mind, quite simple. We need it.

RE: Mill Levy Reduction Request

| Kiowa County Fire Protection District Board of Directors | Letters to the Editor
Dear Governor Polis,

RE: Mill Levy Reduction Request

| Kiowa County Board of Commissioners | Letters to the Editor
We, the Kiowa County Board of Commissioners, would like to express our appreciation for your seemingly deep concern for the taxpayers of Colorado. We also support our residents and would love to lighten their tax burden.

Letter to the Editor: Barbara McCoin

| Barbara McCoin | Letters to the Editor
Proposition HH would increase government revenue at a faster rate than Colorado TABOR allows.

Letter to the Editor: Kathy Pelton

| Kathy Pelton | Letters to the Editor
As you may know, Senator Pelton and I were privileged to be invited on the 2019 Public Officials Mission Trip to Israel sponsored by Jewish Colorado. What an amazing experience that was, and such an incredible blessing to have been able to go when we did! As a result of that trip, we see Israel and its inhabitants through different eyes than we did before, and we feel almost like it’s a part of us (or we’re a part of it).

Letter to the Editor: Jim Lengel

| Jim Lengel | Letters to the Editor
Cheyenne County Tumbleweed Fair was a huge success this year! With wheat harvest in full swing during the fair we still had a big turnout of fairgoers this year.

Letter to the Editor: Letter from KC Emergency Management

| Administrator | Letters to the Editor
I know there will be talk and questions concerning the sirens going off in Kiowa County on the evening of August 8th. I want to let you and everyone know that the National Weather Service also has the ability to set off these sirens and did so on Tuesday evening.

Letter to the Editor: Travis Witherington

| Travis Witherington | Letters to the Editor
Hello Ms Barnett and greetings from Tennessee.

Letter to the Editor: Floyd Griswould

| Floyd Griswould | Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor:

Letter to the Editor: Mark Imel

| Mark Imel | Letters to the Editor
Dear Kiowa County Independent,

Letter to the Editor: Linly Stum

| Linly Stum | Letters to the Editor

Note: The following letter was originally published in the Kiowa County Press on October 1, 2010 and is reprinted by the request of the original author believing the content is as pertinent today as it was then:

Letter to the Editor: Rod Pelton

| Rod Pelton | Letters to the Editor
Our state and country are in moral decline.

Letter to the Editor: Tammy Freeman

| Tammy Freeman | Letters to the Editor
My name is Tammy Freeman, Administrator of Cheyenne Manor Nursing Home. Kiowa County Independent ran an article dated; March 29,2023 titled “Mud in the Waters: Keefe Memorial Health Services District Visited by CDPHE Amid Complaints.

Letter to the Editor: Beth Bell

| Beth Bell | Letters to the Editor
Dear Community Stakeholders:

Letter to the Editor: Karen Yudnich

| Karen Yudnich | Letters to the Editor
I encourage all of you to read this article from 22 Feb 2023 Kiowa County Independent: Eads & Haswell United Methodist Churches Disaffiliate from the Mountain Sky Conference (