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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor - Sylvia Shields

By Sylvia Shields

September 26, 2018

Dear Editor,

A friendly wave, and a “Hi, How are you?” This is the greeting as I enter the front doors of Prairie Pines and make my way down the hall to see my dad. What a friendly, inviting and warm atmosphere. It can be very traumatic when a family member moves from their home to a new home. There is the fear of losing independence I’ve seen this first hand and Prairie Pines could not be any more accommodating and understanding.

Prairie Pines is a part of our community that not only offers employment but gives back with the purchase of goods and services locally. Their main goal, however, is to provide a safe and homey atmosphere for those that call Prairie Pines home.

I have to commend the staff for their willingness to become like family while continuing to do their job. The staff makes a tremendous effort to get to know all the residents and learn their likes and dislikes. They are always courteous and never hesitate to laugh and joke with the residents. The food is excellent. (I’ve eaten there several times.) There is always something new and delicious on the menu but just in case the resident decides on something else it is provided. The resident makes the choices.

I’m writing this letter to the editor because this facility is an asset to this community and a place where anyone needing a little extra help can live without being far away from family. We need to support Prairie Pines any way we can. They always need volunteers, donations or just thank you for the part they play in our community.

There will be a referendum on the November ballot asking to continue the mill levy to support Prairie Pines. Remember this is NOT an increase just a continuation of the current mill levy. I’m asking everyone to please vote yes on Referendum 1A. You don’t know what you’ve lost until it’s no longer there. Thank you and please continue to support Prairie Pines.

Sylvia Shields
Eads, Colorado


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