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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor - Wiley and Robin Madewell

By Wiley and Robin Madewell

February 20, 2019


My name is Wiley Madewell. On Sunday, February 3, 2019, myself, my wife, and our friend Chris Armstrong were traveling through your community. We stopped at the Love’s Store. While walking from the gas pumps to the store my wife fell requiring EMS transport to the hospital.

I wish to thank the General Manager on Duty that day, I believe his name was Blaine, and a young man who was cleaning the parking lot. Both were very courteous, professional, and concerned for her. Also, I wish to thank Dr. Magill-Collins and the staff of Weisbrod Hospital for the courteousness and professionalism.

As a retired paramedic I know what a thankless job Emergency Services is. I wish to thank the EMS Responders along with the two Kiowa County deputies who responded. Your community can be proud of all of these people as they represented your community in a very positive way.


Wiley & Robin Madewell
Rotan, Texas

Note from Editor: The general manager on duty that day was Blaine Gibbs. The maintenance worker was identified as Greg Neal. The Independent recognizes these men as well as our EMT crew, Sheriff’s Department and hospital staff.

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